“I say girl……Are you a little too swagger?……You guys did this tonight……I started to feel uneasy……”

Shen Cheng was a soldier,Now he is quite a successful businessman,Qin Liang can think of,Of course he can think of。
“Yeah!Dad how do you know?You are clairvoyant,It’s still going to the wind?”
Shen Ruoxue immediately stopped acting like a baby,Quite surprised asked。
“I still use clairvoyance,Downwind?”
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Chapter 901 Emperor superstar daughter
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Emperor superstar daughter
“Look online……You and Liu Xiaoyun are all over the Internet now,There is a very pretty girl,correct,Your mom and I have watched the complete video of you three gangsters,Not to mention,My two baby girls really look like that now,Really good skill,Three to nine,Ha ha,Really show me my face!”
While Shen Chengxian was worried,I still praised my daughter a few words。
“what!even……Even video?real or fake?”
Shen Ruoxue asked incredulously。
“Will dad lie to you?It’s fine now,Shen Jiamei……Okay,I can’t even dream of it,My daughter is so famous……My Shen family has become a signature of Haishang。”