“I won’t go home,I still have something,You put me down。”Wenwen said。

Wang Yuan said:“Don’t go back,Let’s go to the hotel to open a room。”
Wenwen says:“Do you often open rooms with others?”
“That is,Where to sleep without opening the room,I do this often。”
“Humph,So thick-skinned。”
Wang Yuan laughed,Said:“I did open a room in the hotel,It’s just not for you,Made for me,Let’s go,Let’s go eat something,And then go back tomorrow。”
“That won’t work,We will have a meeting tomorrow,Convey the spirit of the Jinan Conference,Arrange for the May Fourth Youth Day。”Wenwen said。
Wang Yuan said:“Follow me to the hotel,Does not affect your meeting tomorrow,I came in a hurry,Did not eat,I didn’t have lunch until I got to Jinan,Tired and exhausted,There is still some time before you end,I found a hotel and opened a room,Took a bath,Take a break,How else can I appear in front of you so spirited?”Talking,Deliberately stiffened,Take a look at Wenwen with great energy。
Wenwen ignored him,Speak calmly:“Are you coming to Jinan for anything??”
“Something,Made a special trip to take you home。”Wang Yuan said kindly。
“We have a car,It’s not that I can’t go back,Why is there always Wang Lao picking up?,How am I??”Wenwen finished,Just turned his head to the side,Looking out of the car window。
Wang Yuan smiled,Said:“no way,I do。”
“Would you like me or not。”Wenwen said angrily。
Wang Yuan smiled,Said:“Wenwen,Don’t be angry with me, okay?I’m not as dirty as you think、Dirty。”
Wenwen stopped talking,Wang Yuan said:“I go to the hotel to check out,If you don’t want to live in Jin’an,We go back。”
“go back。”Wenwen said。
Wang Yuan drove the car to the hotel,Wenwen did not get off,He went in and left the room,After getting the deposit back,Wang Yuan got in the car,He glanced at Wenwen,Took her hand,Said:“Wenwen,Are we really going back?”
Wenwen’s face blushed,Withdraw his hand,Said:“Let’s go back,We will really have a meeting tomorrow morning。”
Wang Yuan stretched out his arm,Put it behind Wenwen’s neck,Pull Wenwen to herself,He wants to kiss Wenwen,Wenwen broke away gently,Said:“President Wang,Let’s go,It’s late。”