Qin Liang took advantage of it,Actually he asked Liu Xiaoyun confidently。

Liu Xiaoyun still doesn’t speak,Sighed lightly,Turned around and pushed the car full of leaves,It was reasonable and unreasonable, and it was finished.,It’s useless to say anything,So there is no need to say,Besides, theoretically,Qin Liang is hypocritical,But these words he said are also valid,After all, Liu Xiaoyun did agree to be his little wife,So there is no reason。
And Liu Xiaoyun didn’t really allow Qin Liang to touch herself,She just doesn’t want Qin Liang to touch herself casually,If Qin Liang wants to touch it,If you can do something to yourself anytime,It won’t take long,Qin Liang would not care about himself,Who would like a girl who casually makes men affectionate??Liu Xiaoyun knows this truth well。
Together they pushed the second car into Luyuan,Qin Liang deliberately teased Liu Xiaoyun to talk along the way,But Liu Xiaoyun always pretended not to hear,Keep silent all the time,But he didn’t look angry。
Shen Ruoxue and the others are already feeding the deer happily,So no one will pay attention to Liu Xiaoyun and Qin Liang at this time。
“Girl,Why don’t we play together。”
Qin Liang pleased and said to Liu Xiaoyun。
“Don’t want to play with you。”
Liu Xiaoyun finally spoke up,Even though I said to reject Qin Liang,But speaking is better than not speaking。
“Why don’t you play with me?”
Qin Liang can only play stupid,After all, I just took advantage of Liu Xiaoyun。
“Because you just tricked me when I wasn’t prepared。”