How to walk to have a fitness effect

How to walk to have a fitness effect

Q: I walk dozens of minutes every day on the way to and from work. It is cost-effective because I don’t need to make special arrangements for fitness.

But I don’t know how to walk to achieve better results?

Mr. Jiang from Hongkou District: Many people hope to achieve weight loss through walking exercises, but they often fail.

First and foremost is the lack of moderate exercise intensity and duration of exercise.

  The so-called medium exercise intensity can reduce the heart rate of exercise.

For example, a person’s heart rate at rest is 70 beats per minute, then a heart rate of medium exercise intensity is about 130 beats per minute.

During walking exercise, most people walk in a walking style, and the heart rate can only reach 100 to 110 beats per minute.

Despite taking 10,000 steps, the exercise effect is not obvious.

  Some people walk quickly, walk slowly, and even reach moderate exercise intensity, but the time is not long enough and the effect is not good.

Because the first 20 minutes of walking at this intensity, the body only consumes glycogen in the muscles, and only after 20 minutes will the aunt be used to provide energy for the body.

Therefore, to achieve the purpose of weight loss and fat reduction, at least 20 minutes of walking.

  How do I know if I have reached moderate exercise intensity?

One way to prevent this is to feel “breathing faster and a little bit asthmatic” but “can talk to people normally.”

If you can’t talk properly, you’re out of moderate exercise intensity.

This method is simple, easy, and suitable for people of different ages and physical fitness.

  Walking usually cannot achieve this kind of exercise intensity. Generally, you need to take a walk or stride, speed up the stride, the frequency of the stride, increase the swing of the upper arm, or run alternately (unless it is suitable for exercise people).Walking with dedicated off-road cane.

  Master your own exercise intensity. The daily exercise time should be at least about 40 minutes, and exercise 3 to 4 times a week, so that you can have better fitness results.