“How long have you stayed here??”

Qin Liang also stood up from the sofa,Casual question。He didn’t actually want to ask,He is just laying the groundwork for the swallows,Let her get used to it psychologically……
“Boss,We have been here for two years,Let me report to you on our work over the past two years.?”
Tan Xiaoyan asked seriously。
“amount……no, I’m fine,Don’t worry about this,Let’s talk about something else first……”
Qin Liang finished,Turned his face to look at the swallow。
“Boss,Do you have any new tasks to give us?”
Tan Xiaoyan couldn’t hide her excited question,I’ve lived a peaceful life here for too long,Inevitably a bit boring,She is looking forward to any new work for her and her preparation team to complete。
“How about this,Specific things,Let this girl talk to you。”
Qin Liang pointed at the swallow,Then walked in front of Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun。
“Koyuki,Xiaoyun,You two go out with me for a while,Let you two senior sisters talk separately。”
Qin Liang made a look,It implies that Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are leaving with them,Although the two girls are reluctant,But nodded,They can see it too,Have them here,Swallow can’t erase,Embarrassed to speak……
The room is quiet,There are only Yanzi and Tan Xiaoyan。
“Excuse me,Is there any new task for us to do?”Tan Xiaoyan is a little strange,The girl in front of me looks familiar,But I can’t remember who she is,And the strange thing is,Since I entered this room,This girl has been watching herself intently,I haven’t said a word……So two people are silent
After a while,She couldn’t help but ask first。
“Don’t you know me anymore?”
Yanzi restrained her sad emotions,Try to ask in a calm tone。
“I think you have a familiar feeling,but……But I never remembered where we saw it,You are younger than me,Speaking of which you should be my junior sister,But your military rank is much higher than mine,So you are my superior officer。”
Tan Xiaoyan smiled and answered,But after speaking,She felt a little strange,Why does what I said feel a little inexplicable??
“you……Can you take a closer look at me,Maybe,Do you know who i am。”