Keeping up, raising the heart, keeping health: 30 sentences, reading the wisdom of the Chinese medicine practitioner of the millennium


Keeping up, raising the heart, keeping health: 30 sentences, reading the wisdom of the Chinese medicine practitioner of the millennium

The culture of traditional Chinese medicine is an outstanding representative of the ancient Chinese excellent traditional culture. The outstanding concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, “Tao Law, Nature”, “Heaven and Man”, “Yin and Yang Complementation” and “Life is Valuable” contain rich philosophies and views on Chinese life.And the concept of health and self-cultivation has far-reaching effects.

First, the body is full of food and lying, it is a disease.

(“Prepare for the urgent need”) Interpretation: full food is lying, food is not concentrated, digestion, accumulation and stasis, qi stagnation, spleen and stomach injury, blood and food accumulation and resulting in a hundred diseases.

2 The water does not rot, the hub is not sturdy, and the movement is also.

The same is true.

If you don’t move, you don’t flow, but you don’t flow.

(“Lv’s Spring and Autumn”) Interpretation: The flowing water will not rot and stink, and the rotating door shaft will not cause insects to decay, which is due to constant movement.

The human form, the same is true.

When the form is inactive, the essence of the body will not run, the essence will not run, and the gas will stagnate.

That is, people often say that life lies in sports.

3 After eating, drink a cup of tea and take a hundred steps to get the umbilical hand.

(“After yesterday’s non-day compilation”) Interpretation: The ancients have been paying attention to health since the ancient times. Here, after mentioning the mention, there are three things to do, namely drinking tea, walking, and abdomen. If you can continue to do it for a long time, it will benefit the

4 Early in the morning, not in the chicken, not in the evening.

(“Taiping Yulan”) Interpretation: Chinese medicine believes that people’s work and rest should be in line with the physiological routine, Cao Tingdong, a health expert in the Qing Dynasty, believes: “Sunrise, daily income, and quiet night, is a certain reason for yin and yang.

He also pointed out: “Get up early before the chickens.

When the cover is first arrived (3 am), it is the beginning of the lungs, and it is appropriate to sleep.

At the time of the squatting (5 am), you can get up in the large intestine. At the time of the morning (7 am), the yang will rise. You should get up in the morning exercise and eat. You should not stay in bed again.

The morning should be in the middle of these two times.

5 spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter Yin.

Interpretation: The yin and yang of the four times is the foundation of the survival of all things. The ancients will raise the yang in spring and summer, and the yin in autumn and winter. The armor is the root of its yin and yang.Everything lives and grows together.

If you violate this fundamental, it will damage its source and destroy its infuriating. These are the same four-time adjustments.

6 teeth, bones are also poor, facing the fangs, teeth are not squatting.

(“Health Care Collection”) Interpretation: “Tooth is hard to complete” is a symbol of healthy longevity, and dental caries is an ancient health practice that is circulating in the upper reaches.

The main bone of the kidney, the tooth is the kidney, and it is also part of the bone.

Dental caries are a big problem of teeth. People crook their teeth in the mouth every morning, and each tooth corresponding to the upper and lower teeth is mutually punctured, which can alleviate the harm of caries and keep the teeth healthy.

7 grains are raised, five are for help, five dishes are for filling, and five fruits are for benefit.

(“Four Health Four”) Interpretation: Grain: wheat, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, hemp, glutinous rice (with rice for hemp).

Five dishes: 闊? 钖? sunflower, onion, 钘?

Five animals: cattle, dogs, sheep, pigs, chickens.

Five fruits: plum, apricot, jujube, peach, chestnut.

The meaning of this sentence is that the grain (the staple food) is the basis for people to survive, and fruits, vegetables and meat are all supplements, supplements and supplements as staple foods.

8 good-natured people, first hunger and eat, first thirsty and drink, the number of appetite is less, do not want to stay.

I often want to be full of hunger and hunger.

(“Prepare for the urgent need”) Interpretation: People who are good at self-cultivation know how to eat before hungry and drink before thirst.

Eat more times, less food is absorbed, do not want to eat less, eat less and absorb less food.

I often feel full when I want to eat, and I will eat a lot when I am very hungry.

This sentence is equivalent to what we said to eat less and eat more, feel hungry and then eat, which is more conducive to digestion and absorption.

9 Qin doctor heart, flower doctor liver, fragrant medicine spleen, stone medicine kidney, spring medicine lung, sword medicine gall.(“The Dream of the Dream”) Interpretation: This is the advanced health practice that the ancients talked about. It is a variety of ways to fully cultivate the body and regulate the body: the beautiful and pleasant sound of the piano makes people feel happy and promote the heart.The delicate and bright flowers make people appreciate, can remove the irritability and emotional tension, and help to nourish the liver; the aroma of the nose makes people feel unconscious, can raise the spleen; acupuncture massage can raise the kidney; the spring waterfall between the mountains, purify the air, canRaising the lungs; holding swords and swords often exercise, can make people form a brave and decisive character, can raise the gallbladder.

10 clothes are thick and thick, and you want to get fit at any time.

The summer months cannot be all thin, and the cold can not be extremely thick.

(“Health to be recorded”) Interpretation: Ancient ancient medical scientists have long understood the relationship between clothing and health, that the thickness of clothes should be at any time and moderate.

Don’t wear too thin on the first day, too cold on the cold.

Clothes must have a degree of fitness with the outside world, not too extreme.

And further pointed out: “At the time of cold and heat, when you take off yourself, you are hurt by cold and heat.

The cold is fading, and the heat is fading away.

“Second, raise your heart, love your heart, don’t have deep love, have a heart, don’t squat, and hurt your heart.”

(“Emergency Thousands of Gold”) Interpretation: Sun Sizhen believes that the method of repairing the heart, you should be neutral in Jingyi, avoid excessive and fierce.

There are things that are deeply loved, and should not be excessively invested. Similarly, the heart has something that is very disgusting to evil, and does not hate long-term hatred. This is detrimental to the mind and mind.

2 cultivating the heart is not good at ignorance.

If you want to be indefinite, you want to be a disaster.

(“Four Health Four”) Interpretation: The first generation of doctors in the past is the first essential point of health education, and that it is the way to maintain health, and everything is moderate.

Excessive indulgence can lead to physical disasters, and excessive pursuit of pleasure can cause the body to decline.

3 leisure and less desire, peace of mind and not fear, labor and tireless, temperament, and all desires, have their wishes.

(“Su Wen, the ancient naive theory”) Interpretation: mind is leisurely and has few desires, the heart is stable without fear, the body is tired but not tired, so the truth is smooth, everyone can do whatever they want, can satisfy their wishes.

4 big joys and sorrows, micro-suppression is fixed; very angry, a little bit to rest.

(“Retreat Essay”) Interpretation: When Daxi makes people feel excited, a slight suppression can be stabilized; when anger makes people irritated, a little patience can be calmed down.

It is self-restraint when you are emotionally unstable, which is good for your health.

The spirit of the 5th spirit is quiet and the day is full, and the old ones are old.

(“Huainanzi”) Interpretation: Yangxin is in the spirit of rejuvenation, and the theory of health care in the past ten years has all stood out.

A person with a quiet heart, the essence is getting richer, the body is healthy; the person who is tempted by the heart, the spirit is getting more and more, and the body is aging.

6 things to adapt, things have been heartfelt, can extend the year.

(“Gong Tingxian Shou Shi Bao Yuan”) Interpretation: It is a natural thing to go with the flow of things, do not worry about things after the event, to achieve inner peace, so that you can prolong life.

The feeling of 7 An is the lightness of the person, and the one that I am responsible for is smooth, and the outside is light and smooth, and the body is prepared.

(“Su Shen Liang Fang”) Interpretation: Su Dongpo, a writer of the Song Dynasty, believes that life is in the words “an” and “and”.

“An” is meditation, “harmony” is the best, the pursuit of tranquility, then the foreign objects touched me lightly, advocating harmony, then I sense the foreign things are smooth, the outside is light and smooth, then the truth of life is as long as.

Eight people borrowed gas to fill their bodies, so they care about goodness on weekdays.

(“Old and old Hengyan”) Interpretation: Health is in the air, people’s seven emotions are most likely to cause gas malfunction, especially when angry and angry, the most taboo is anger, the most hurtful.

9 The reason why the benevolent people are more prosperous, there is no greed and quiet inside, peace of mind and not losing the right, take the beauty of heaven and earth to raise their body.

(“Spring and Autumn Fan”) Interpretation: The reason why the benevolent people live longer is because they have no greed and their inner heart is clean, their minds are calm and smooth, and they are right in the middle. They take good things from the heavens and the earth to maintain their bodies, so they have a long life and good health.
More than 10 thoughts are gods, more words are scattered, more desires are damaging, and many things are tired.

(“Health Care Collection”) Interpretation: If you think too much, you will consume too much mind. If you think too much, you will be divergent and not focused. If you have more desires, you will interfere with the use of wisdom. If you have more things, you will feel tired.

Third, the health 1 health regimen, Mo before the diet.

(“Jiayetang Series”) Interpretation: It means that health should start with a reasonable diet, “medicine and food homology”, “medicine supplement is better than food supplement”, eating food is more useful than Xiandan Lingling.

2 fine, gas, god, health care family called the three treasures.

(“Liu Yuan Yuan Jian路Heart and Kidney Theory”) Interpretation: Chinese medicine believes that fine, qi, and God are the three treasures of the human body, and they are full of vitality and qi, and God is the foundation of health and longevity.

Solid and refined, refined and qi, qi and sacred, God is full and healthy.3 violent anger to raise their sexuality, less thinking to raise their gods, save words to raise their qi, and privately to raise their hearts.

(“Renewal 路 Health Tips”) Interpretation: violent anger can support people’s temperament, less thinking and worrying to benefit the gods, less speech and noisy is conducive to raising the air, to prevent all kinds of private desires can raise the heart.

Four people are in middle age. When they are repaired a lot, they will re-energize the foundation.

(“Jingyue Quanshu”) Interpretation: This is the famous “Zhongxing” health theory in the upper reaches of the country. It refers to the middle-aged period when the body turns from the prosperity to the decline. People seize the opportunity of the middle-aged period and have not yet become a big virtual machine. SeriouslyThe initial conditioning has enabled the vitality to be renewed, and the fundamentals of the human body have been solid.

1 Spring is long and summer is long, and autumn is harvested in winter. It is also a common thing, and people should also.

Divided into four o’clock in one day, the spring is in the spring, the summer is in the summer, the sun is in the autumn, and the night is the winter.

(“Lingshu路Shunqi is divided into four hours”) Interpretation: The previous health education highlighted “the combination of heaven and man.”

The first people believed that people lived between heaven and earth and were in harmony with the natural world. When the natural world changes, the human body will change accordingly. Only when it conforms to nature, people will live longer.

Health care should not only conform to the changes of the whole year, but also conform to the changes of four o’clock a day.

6 juvenile feelings, want to converge, do not want to be fluent, can be ethical; the feelings of the elderly, want to be smooth, do not want to be depressed, can maintain health.

Interpretation: The feelings of young people, hope to converge rather than unrestrained, can rigorously their own morality; the feelings of the elderly should be bold and unconstrained, not to suffocate, can cultivate their own lives.

7 good medication, better than good maintenance.

(“Yongle Dadian”) Interpretation: The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is known as the “three-point rule and seven-point support”. It is usually well-maintained, and it is both healthy and even free of medication.

8 good-timers, no blame for the sun and the moon, no peace and harmony.

(“Prepare for the urgent need to raise the nutrients”) Interpretation: the way to maintain health, to conform to nature and the law.

Those who are good at health care do not violate the laws of the sun and the moon, and do not violate the characteristics of age.

9 The ancients, who know, the law is yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, and daily life is common.

(“Su Wen 路 Ancient Innocent Theory”) Interpretation: The people of the ancient times, who are aware of the health and avenues, can follow the changing laws of yin and yang, conform to the rules and fixed numbers of natural functioning, have a diet, and have regular living.

10 reading pleasing heart, mountains and forests, can extend the year.

(“Shou Shi Bao Yuan”) Interpretation: The ancients recognized the spiritual level of health, that reading can please the soul, mountain travel can cultivate sentiment, release interest, spiritual level of health, is very important for longevity.