“He likes you?”

Fang Yu asked in a low voice。
“Cough……Just know,Don’t say much。”
Min Yurou is very embarrassed。
Fang Yu is really direct,Without hesitation。
Fang Yu nodded。
There is nothing to hide,Dr. Zhang just now。
The eyes fell on Min Yurou’s body。
Anyone can see。
just,Outsiders don’t say anything。
“We also visited all the departments,Which department are you going to study?”
Min Yurou asked。
“Emergency room!”
Fang Yu thought about it。
The emergency room is the most exercised,And also busy a lot。
Very in line with Fang Yu’s learning requirements。
“You have to think about it……The emergency room is very busy!You have to learn,I suggest you go to heart surgery……”Min Yurou thinks,Fang Yu’s temperament is stable。
Go over there and you can definitely play。