And the content of this subversive and dramatic meeting,Also very fast,Spread all over the company。mixed reviews。But only the same,I just feel that my grandchildren are making a fuss,Make a fuss,Intended to kill the chicken and the monkey。Various conspiracy theories are endless。

I also heard some rumors outside,Well-informed,From Shenzheng Research Institute,Know some things。But basically feel,Shenzheng Research Institute Courageous,But I made so much money by doing such a vote,Daou will not be held accountable,Just a little itchy.Great Europe,Really rich。
Si Guangnian listened to the assistant’s report,Frowned。If this matter doesn’t get involved,,It seems to be a simple scam。But Qinbao thought it was premeditated,Even spotted Daou’s style,A scam designed like this,Then this problem is a bit serious。
“Stare。Protect your relatives。”Si Guangnian only worried if it was premeditated,Will the treasure be unsafe?。
There are many people who care about Ou Baobao。
After hanging up the phone calls of my friends and several acquaintances,Baby Ou received another call from Xie Yun。
“Chairman Xiaoou showed his power in the workplace,As expected of the daughter of Ou Huang.”Xie Yunchu laughed while talking。Mainly because I don’t want to put pressure on my relatives。Because he knows,How much pressure is Qinbao。
Ou Baobao helpless,“Give me a break,I fled back to the office,Legs are soft.”I’m very worried after talking,“In case they really can’t find a way,All fired by me,How to do?Destroy the future,These four words,I really can’t remember it.”
“I don’t know what happened,but,If they can’t reach your instructions,Is negligent,Isn’t it normal to expel?”Xie Yunchu heard a little wind,But it’s all a small matter to talk about,After all, Daou is really strong。and so,Can’t handle even a small thing,As an employee subordinate,What is not dereliction of duty?
“As an employee,Can’t when you want to talk about money,I bother the boss to talk to you about your ideals。And you want to talk about ideals,I hate the boss talking to you about money。This is also a kind of double standard.”Xie Yunchu naturally supported Ou Baobao unconditionally。
“But now,On human rights,Workplace situation of employees,Really not too optimistic。When I first heard the term social animal,Really shocked。may,We are looking at problems from the perspective of exploiters,And employees are the exploited。”Baby Ou sighed,“And I really want to experience their difficulty,That’s why I care more about Daou,I want to provide employees with a way to trust their lives and future,Workplace.”
“But the more I think so,The more it becomes an antagonistic situation with the employees。”Baobao Ou really understands the difficulties of being a superior,“No wonder mom always worries about dispatch lists and the like。Always tell me,Life is complicated。”
Different positions,Different situation,Different environment,Different thinking,Will cause countless results。
“Da Ou is like a tree。I hope it looks good,Natural pruning,Even to protect the roots,Will use more cruel methods。But the ones that were originally good,The branches and leaves that have provided nutrients for the tree, etc.,Because of need,Because of the overall situation,Just cut off。To them,Isn’t it ruthless and cruel?.”
Baby Ou got up and stood at the window,Ou Zhaozhao often stands here thinking about things,She learns from mother,See the bustling underfoot,“life,Really complicated。”
Xie Yunchu is also a superior,The situation he faces,It’s not simpler than Ou’s side。He understands Ou Baobao’s mood at this time,but,“People alive,It’s impossible to be comprehensive。Be able to be yourself,Accomplish your goal,I think it succeeded。I am proud of myself。”
Worthy of myself.
in fact,“think about it,Qiao Xing is actually right。Her egoism,To a certain extent,Also to be worthy of myself。She is still a very determined and thoughtful girl,Not mediocre,Not weak。this point,Really better than many female compatriots。”