So he turned to Lin Yun and said:“Xiaoyun,If you are not busy here,You go home and go shopping with mom,You are here alone,I’m worried。”

Lin Yun made a big deal,This Qin Shishen is mysterious,Always busy with things I don’t know。
“What are you going。”
Li Qingqiu leaned respectfully:“Miss Lin,Brother Qin and I are going to retell the past。”
Xiao Wang also stood up and said:“You go, Manager Lin,Just have me here,No problem。”
Qin Shi touched Lin Yun’s hair,Smiled:“be good,You go home and take mom to relax,wait me back。”
Although Lin Yun is not happy,,But my mother has experienced a lot in the past few days,Home is not at peace either,I should take time to spend time with her。
“OK then,come back earlier。”
Lin Yun glanced at Qin Shi strangely,So he turned his head and got into the Mercedes Benz。
After buying this car,She’s still driving for the first time,Can’t help but feel a little nervous。
“Let’s go。”
Talk to Qin Shi,So I sat on Li Qingqiu’s Bentley。
Chapter Thirty Four President Li is scared
Blink of an eye,The two arrived at Wansheng Tianhao。
Li Qingqiu invited Qin Shi to his exclusive box。
Don’t say,Li Qingqiu’s private box is really much better than outside。
The decoration inside is very luxurious,Gilded dishes,Sterling silver tableware,It’s just a royal enjoyment。
“Qin Ge,What do you eat。”
Li Qingqiu asked carefully。