The unhealthy and illegal plots in Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas killed people!

Before I finished speaking, Fang Yourong’s shocked look stimulated,She proudly said:“Regardless of the era,I can see that you are a person who knows current affairs,You should have a choice。”
“very pitiful,The bloody elders overthrew the old social system to establish a new system of new rules, new nobility, and new systems.。”Looking at this arrogant middle-aged woman,Fang Yourong’s way:“I finally know why those unarmed intellectuals throughout the ages have been clamoring and clamoring for the rights of the people with pebbles and rocks.。”Realizing the importance of human rights, he was deeply impressed by the unyielding spirit of those seniors,He is so wronged。
Did not hear the cold snort,Seeing the sudden and unnatural faces of these people who specialize in making troubles,Looking at it with surprise, it seemed to be the city woman whose face was blue and white by the stimulation of his words.,Hey?what happened?Fang Yourong was too surprised,What he was talking about just now was just talking nonsense,How can this kind of remarks that have long been forgotten by the current political situation make them so concerned?
This family is definitely not the original inhabitants of this city,Is also a foreigner like him!Fang Yourong, who came to some conclusions, felt more comfortable and relaxed,If this is the original inhabitant of this city whose capital concept has already penetrated into the bones,Hearing these words would only give a sneer,I can’t blink my eyes。I really don’t see it,This aunt and this guy are still the kind of conscience in society。
Seeing this aunt who started to look pleasing to the eye,Fang Yourong, who has lost a lot of mental pressure, talks politely:“Now let’s talk about Sheng Zegang,My relationship with him broke up two years ago,I have nothing to do with him now,Just met yesterday。”Holding the handcuffs on one side of the wrists that have not been completely removed, gestured for everyone to see,“I swear to everyone,I never climbed Sheng Zegang,He pestered me。”
“Do you think i will believe you?”I don’t know how to be irritated, this lady stares at Fang Yourong suspiciously.。
“Why not believe?”Fang Yourong, who swears by the curse, stared at this Chinese woman who was as fancy as Sheng Zegang and also not in line with national conditions,“Do you think I can afford Sheng Zegang?!”
She stared at Fang Yourong who responded awe-inspiringly to her。
Fang Yourong with his head held high let her see。
The raised head is not full of confidence,It’s really a last resort。Tree without bark,Sure to die!Shameless,Invincible!Proof of experience accumulated in running business over the years,Being weak and cowardly will only make people appear more wretched,Not only can’t get pity and sympathy,Will attract more cold eyes,Not to mention,Sleeping on this bed is a matter for him and Sheng Zegang,But this aunt only targeted him。A bit too much。
While accepting the other side’s scrutiny,Fang Yourong, who is already pleasing to the eye, has a pious way:“You don’t need to remind me of the class division under socialism,I understand what you mean,I also have my own judgment,You see,When you came, I was actively preparing to call the police,In fact, tell the truth that you don’t want to hear,Sheng Zegang doesn’t have many places I like。”