Bodybuilding: New Trends in Sports and Fitness

Bodybuilding: New Trends in Sports and Fitness

When it comes to sports, maybe everyone hopes that their choices are expected and fashionable. This is not only for the sake of face, but also yearning for fresh trends.

In the interview, Xiao Yu made a statistics of the fitness programs and participation levels of each gym, and found the following three fitness trends for your reference.


1 Skill-based sports can help people to upgrade from simple fitness, weight loss and other fitness concepts. More and more people are more willing to use it as a skill or specialty to enrich themselves while exercising.

Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to national standard, yoga and other performance projects, as well as kendo, taekwondo, and other examination projects.


2 One woman adds one each year for self-cultivation and fitness, and the other for riot and self-defense.

Taekwondo, Kendo, and Aikido have gradually opened up the market.

From a project in the original gym to the present, there is a special venue with specialized classrooms, which is more professional.

“Trend” Taekwondo Museum curator Mr. Bai concluded: The proportion of women participating in this confrontational sport is higher than that of men.

Women who participate in Taekwondo and Kendo are younger.


3Dancing fitness The popular dance suddenly burst into flames without any warning.

Ballroom dancing has gradually become a mass fitness program, rather than a profession for certain types of people.

We visited the Cotton-Latin Dance Class. Coach Yang told us that more and more people like to work out through dance, because it is fun and because it has business communication.

And people who want to make friends through dance are also increasing year by year.