Fang Hao still thinks,Wait for Luo Xiaohu to hit the wall more,I understand that celebrities are not so good,Let’s recruit him to be his driver and bodyguard。

Now it must be impossible,People look down on this job。
After going home,Shan Rou didn’t follow,Send them to the underground garage,Then I drove back by myself。
Tang Xiaodie went home for dinner at noon,Just ask her:“When did that woman leave yesterday?Did she make trouble with you?”
Shan Rou knew that Tang Xiaodie asked Guo Miaomiao,Said:“They stayed one night,Just left this morning,Didn’t make trouble with me。”
Tang Xiaodie blinked,Asked again:“Is that woman easy to deal with?”
Shan Rou wanted to say it’s easy to deal with,They quickly became a ball,It’s just fun,Great harmony。
But after thinking,Still didn’t say that,There was a gloomy look on his face,Tao:“Not good at all。”
Tang Xiaodie Lost Way:“Didn’t you say she didn’t make trouble with you?”
If Fang Hao’s new girlfriend is easy to deal with,,Of course the best,I won’t have to avoid that woman anymore。
If it is not good to deal with,It’s better not to meet Fang Hao in the presence of that woman。
Single judo:“Didn’t you mess with me,It’s kind of polite,But look at her expression,As if I owed her millions,I don’t know why I have such a big opinion。”
Tang Xiaodie whispered:“Why do you have such a big opinion,Don’t you know it in your heart??”
Shan Rou glared at her,Tao:“What nonsense?What do i have?How do I know why she has an opinion on me?”
Tang Xiaodie rolled his eyes,Didn’t tell her,But made up my mind,Be careful of Fang Hao’s new girlfriend,Try not to show up in front of her。