Qin Liang said happily on purpose,And really sent a video request!

Shen Ruoxi hesitated,Thought for a while,Still picked up the video,But raised the phone,Only Qin Liang can see his face and neck。of course,She also saw Qin Liang。
“Wife,Video down a bit。”
Qin Liang deliberately seduced Mimi’s request……
“Do not。”
Shen Ruoxi immediately refused。
“obedient,be good,Go down。”
Qin Liang can’t wait。
“disobedient,Not good。”
Shen Ruoxi turned back to Girls’ Generation in an instant,Not only blushed,My heart beats faster,And the tone of speech has also become a girl’s aegyo!
“Why are you doing this!Is it easy for me to be outside alone?Can’t you give me some benefits?”
Qin Liang protested。
“Screw you,You call me just to watch me take a bath?”