Such a probability is not enough for Wu Yue to find that something is wrong。

of course,If his opponent is replaced by Wang Guangwei,That’s really hard to say。
Wang Guangwei is more careful and meticulous than Wu Yue,He may not be able to hide his careless tricks。
Last year’s final,I also tried my best to fool him into being temporarily blocked。And speaking of it, I still used Wu Yue,If Wu Yue was as smart as Wang Guangwei,How could it be easily fooled?
“Ok?”Wang Guangwei in the stands suddenly frowned and snorted。
“what happened?”Dai Zetao asked。
“I always feel that Hu Lai is a bit different……”
Dai Zetao was confused:“What’s different?”
“He just resisted Wu Yue’s pressure behind him,Protected the football,Wait until teammates come up to pass the football。”Wang Guangwei said。
“Isn’t this pretty normal??”
“unusual。”Wang Guangwei shook his head and said,“In the past, Hu Lai would never make such a move that allowed football to stay at his feet for a long time.,Will not take the initiative to protect the ball。He will pass the football quickly,Or just run away without the ball to catch the ball and shoot。He won’t take the ball,He doesn’t have the ability,Don’t have this confidence。”
“Guangwei, your understanding of Hu Lai is limited to your impressions of the match last year, right??Did you watch his game again later??”
Wang Guangwei shook his head:“No。”