Chu Xiaoqiang saw that this young man’s hair was soaked in sweat,And scared,He seemed to see his own time in his honest and simple eyes,Just comfort him:“Nothing,take it easy,If this skin really needs to be stripped,I’ll grill with you。”

Although Zhang Sheng knows that the Secretary is comforting himself,But he still looks terrified,Because he doesn’t know the origin of this woman,I dare not look at the director,Just bow your head,Wiping sweat constantly。
Chu Xiaoqiang looked at him and said:“Where did you graduate?”
“Is a police officer in our province who graduated from college。”
Chu Xiaoqiang smiled,Said:“We are alumni。”
The young man lowered his head and said:“I know——”
“how do you know?”
“I have read your resume。”
Chu Xiaoqiang smiled,Said:“All right,You let others leave here first,You stay temporarily,Find a place to avoid it,I have something to ask you in a while。”
“that……”The young man’s hand gestured outside the door。
Chu Xiaoqiang feels that this young man is still very responsible,Just said:“Let me wipe your ass。”
that’s it,Zhang Sheng took someone away,But Dou Xiaoyu is reluctant,I must call this man back,Apologize to her in person,Otherwise, go to the provincial government to sue them。
Chu Xiaoqiang pulled Dou Xiaoyu into the room,He waved at Xiao Aiguo who was standing in the corridor,Xiao Aiguo followed。Chu Xiaoqiang saw no one else,Said seriously:“Sister,I’m all gone,Don’t let it go,No outsiders here,Just the secretary-general of the four of us,Stop yelling,They are also performing official duties,Because someone reported,It’s not them who should apologize,But the person with ulterior motives,If you ask them to apologize,I can only apologize to you。”
“I don’t care about your apology!”Dou Xiaoyu is still very angry。
Ai Qing also advised Dou Xiaoyu to calm down,Dou Xiaoyu no longer asks for an apology now,she says:“you’re not wrong,I don’t want your apology,I want Peng Changyi to apologize to me,This can’t be done like this!Otherwise where to put my face,How unpleasant to spread?The daughter of the dignified provincial minister,Was arrested for whoring,How can i be?If Peng Changyi doesn’t apologize,Ai Qing,Cancel cooperation with them!”
Ai Qing has always exercised restraint in this matter,He said unhurriedly:“calm,calm,Director Chu has already explained,Those police officers are also normal law enforcement,The key is who made this call?”
Dou Xiaoyu saw that Ai Qing was on Chu Xiaoqiang’s side,Said angrily:“Am I not calm??I feel very calm!such,If I can’t get Peng Changyi’s apology,I will never set foot on the land of Langzhu again!Ai Qing won’t allow you!otherwise,We sever the relationship!”
“sister——”Cried Chu Xiaoqiang。
Dou Xiaoyu looked at Chu Xiaoqiang,Said:“It has nothing to do with you,It must be a report call from their insider,Peng Changyi must give me an explanation!Old Ai,Let’s go!”