He was talking,Drove the car into the gate of the hospital。

Peng Changyi said:“That’s what you mean,Don’t pick me up,I come back almost every week to visit his house,you give,What you mean,none of my business。Moreover,You just said it was us,The minister doesn’t believe it either,I know you did it alone。”
Kou Jinghai smiled,Said:“Haha,Old Minister knows you so well?”
“nonsense,I always come,No need to mess with you。”Peng Changyi deliberately curled his mouth and said。
Kou Jinghai smiled,Said:“I really haven’t come for a while this time,So it’s not out of the box。correct,I heard that Jiang Fan and Xiaoding came back a few days ago,Give them 50,000 yuan,Director Wang don’t want,Later they said it was lent to him,He just accepted。I think,People give money,Although we are not prepared,I still have two or three thousand,Two adults,Can’t go empty-handed,I bought this flower basket。”
Jiang Fan and Ding Yi came back and Peng Changyi knew,Peng Changyi also knows about fifty thousand yuan,The minister told him。He said:“Who did you listen to?”
Kou Jinghai says:“That afternoon,Jiang Fan and they just left,I’m there,It was fine that day,Drove here,You went to tarzan,I am idle,Want someone to drink,I thought of someone who could drink with me,Remove Liu Zhong and Tian Chong,Director Wang is left……”
Peng Changyi said:“Ha ha,Not so pessimistic?”
Kou Jinghai says:“How not?of course,I’m talking about brothers,You are not counted like Cao Nan and Xiaolin,Cao Nan, we meet every day,I mean those old buddies we used to,Gold is like that,Yao Bin is gone,You went to the party school to study,And it doesn’t boot up,Now Liu Zhong and Tian Chong are said to have high blood sugar,Can’t drink anymore,You said,I will go to the old director’s house,Where else to go?”
Think of Jin and Yao Bin,Peng Changyi is also very emotional,He said:“All good things come to an end——”
“Yes,I am older than you,So i’m nostalgic,Nostalgia for old feelings,Old thing。That morning,Went to the gold house,Put down two thousand dollars,Ugh,You said that the embezzled money can be spent on wives and children,Just their home,To name a corrupt criminal,Who believes it?”
Peng Changyi let out a deep breath,Did not speak。
Kou Jinghai continued:“After I transferred to Director Wang’s house in the afternoon,Jiang Fan and his wife just left,I called Jiang Fan right after I heard,They are already on the high speed。At that time, the fifty thousand yuan was under the coffee table,Director Wang told me that it was Jiang Fan and his wife。”Kou Jinghai said again:“These two are really very affectionate and righteous。”
Peng Changyi did not speak,He was silent,Do not know why,He thought of Shu Qing again……
When you get out of the car,Kou Jinghai opened the zipper of the handbag,Pointed out three thousand yuan。Put it alone in your pocket,Then get off,After holding out the flower basket,Said:“Changyi,Look at my old face,It’s not appropriate to match such delicate flowers?How about you hold it?”