“But I really want to beat him up!Hit to death。”

Liu Xiaoyun said tangledly……She is a real person,Say what you think in your heart,I won’t hide it at all,She said she wanted to beat that kid,I definitely really want to beat that kid up。
“Oh?”Qin Liang frowned,A question mark appeared in his heart!
Chapter two thousand four hundred and six All have human dignity
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Based on his understanding of Liu Xiaoyun,Liu Xiaoyun won’t get so angry for such a product,Because she is not a person who likes to bully the weak,That kid is hateful,But in front of Liu Xiaoyun, he is weak,Because he even had the opportunity to fight back
There will be none!Liu Xiaoyun can clean him with one hand。
“It’s cheaper for you today,If I change my old temper,Your kid has to go to the hospital for a few months today。”
Liu Xiaoyun said resentfully,Then let go,But he punched the kid in the back,Only then stood up from that kid!
The punch almost spit up blood on the kid!
“All right,Calm down,He can’t get up with the punch you just now!Don’t worry about him。”
Qin Liang reached out and pulled Liu Xiaoyun to his side。
“Xiaoyun,Fortunately, you only made 10% of your skill,Otherwise, your punch just now,Just beat him to death。”Yang Zhi also saw the scene just now,So he immediately followed Qin Liang’s words,This is called to grow your own majesty,Extinguish the opponent’s spirit!But he is not nonsense,Because with Liu Xiaoyun’s current ability,She just
Only if you punch with all your strength in the heart of the unsuspecting kid,It’s true that the incomplete security will kill people……“I said the boss,Your employee just bullied this old man and her granddaughter,You go now and let your cook cook two dishes for the two victims,Make two bowls of rice,Then the money for the food will be paid by the kid who bullied them。Don’t do this
Too much?”
Qin Liang walked back to the boss again,You said in a hurry。
“Not excessive!Of course not too much!Should!Who told him to bully others!I just let them do it。”
The boss repeatedly agreed,Turned his head and ordered a few words,The two men who were standing a little further away and also dressed in chef costumes immediately agreed to walk back to the back。