A word with a strong accent from the imperial capital,Directly hit the faces of these tourists。

Xie Yunchu caught Ou Baobao,Point to the camera not far away at these people,“All filmed,Take the initiative to admit your mistakes when you leave the garden.”People who come to the botanical garden to harm plants every year,Some are。It’s really a picking garden。
These tourists dare not have any temper at all,The dingy left。It’s true that these four children are all from extraordinary backgrounds and are not easy to mess with。
Wait for them to go away,Yin Nini asked Baby Ou,“You are not nosy,What are you doing today??”
Baby Ou walked over,Put the persimmons that those people throw on the ground in the tree pit,Cover with soil。The persimmons are not ripe enough to eat,Picked off,It can only be turned into spring mud,“Just feel,I should do my best.”
When the eldest brother is alone in a foreign country,When you’re in the house that will hurt him at any time,do not know,Anyone,busy body,Help a bunch of big brothers.
Because I really won’t overestimate the moral bottom line and character quality of Si Shoujing and Bai Ling,and so,Baby Ou is absolutely sure,Like now,Brother was injured at home,Must be regular。I often get used to it,Used to learn to dive.
Thinking about the big brother,then,Baby Ou just realized this,In my heart really.
A volcano wants to erupt。
but,Baby Ou grew up,I have never lost control of my emotions,She is not born with self-control,But she seems to be born smooth。Although there will be times when you are not calm,But never let emotions dominate。
She even remembers when she was one year old,The first time I saw an elephant,That shocking mood。But in the photo,Her expression is no different from seeing cats and dogs。
When Baby Ou saw that photo at the age of three,And show it to mom,Said how excited she saw the elephant。But mom doesn’t believe it at all,Not only the photos are not convincing,Also because my mother was holding her,I didn’t feel her excitement at all。
that time,Ou Baobao’s emotional state,Have a preliminary understanding——She really is,It looks like,Super stable person
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