Pei Huan really can’t help it,He pretended to be a dude for so many years,to be frank,Rich life corrupts people,If he didn’t remember to do it for his late parents,If you live well,He really ruined。But now,He is still corroded.He has no personal ability,There is no competent assistant around,And no friends to ask for help.Can only rely on money to get some news。

But even if it’s money bought,Pei Huan can’t believe it all。After repeated verification in person,Only have some confidence。
After seeing the surveillance at the school,Only then confirmed that the infiltrator is Yang Xiaomu,I made up my mind to find Bao Bao Ou。
but,Pei Huan knows very well,In his status,Family assets,Nothing can impress Ou Baobao。and so,He can only keep unreserved,Take out all,Expect these things,There is one thing that can be seen by Bao Bao.
Pei Huan knew it before,The distance between him and Bao Bao,Very far away。But now,Never at this moment,Let him really understand,The distance between him and Bao Bao,It’s so far away.
His helpless situation,In Ou Baobao’s opinion,It should be a trivial matter。
This is not just because Ou Baobao is the Tai Ou’s son,But because of her own ability。
this point,You can directly from Oubao in a stack of files,Find the file content related to the port warehouse area,Pei Huan will know。
Even his owner,It’s impossible to find it so quickly and accurately。This incidates that,Baby Ou is always in touch with these things,and,Very familiar。
After Ou Baobao looked at the data files in the warehouse area,Some heartbeat,but,She thinks that Pei Huan thinks her too much.
This dog-blood drama,Intervene in the country,After taking Yang Xiaomu away,Even if it’s a preliminary collapse。But because of the specific characters and content,Still the same,So before finding what Yang Qianqian holds,Baby Ou didn’t plan to do anything。The main reason is that instead of letting them collapse one by one,It’s better to draw salary from the bottom,Catch it all。
also,Yang Xiaolin is really terminally ill,The plot is doomed to death again,Based on humanitarianism,Baby Ou doesn’t want to do anything now。Yang Xiaolin’s current situation,Is not suitable for surgery,But it’s still alive,What if she did,Let her pass away early,Ou Baobao can’t afford this result。
Moreover,Anyway, the biggest threat, Yang Xiaomu, is basically a waste,Now the country investigates him,Baby Ou just wants to collect more evidence of Yang Xiaomu’s crimes as soon as possible,I’m bound to let him sit in prison。other people,I can’t take care of it for the time being。
can,did not expect,Yang Xiaomu is gone,Jing’s side,Actually still working hard,Under the light of the plot god,Go plot.
Ou Baobao once again felt ashamed of her negativity。Make abugI have to fight for the patch business all my life.