Liu Xiaoyun said nonchalantly。

“Ok……correct,What are you doing here?Aren’t you chatting with everyone?”
Qin Liang asked curiously。
“Oh……I stayed hot inside,Out for a walk。”
Liu Xiaoyun casually explained。
“You come out for a walk?”Qin Liang asked suspiciously,Liu Xiaoyun’s excuse is too flawed,Everyone in the Shen family knows,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are“Siamese twins”,Wherever you go, two people are together,How could Liu Xiaoyun leave Shen Ruoxue in the hall?,But he ran out for a walk alone

“Yes,Can i take a walk?”
Liu Xiaoyun is still installing。
“Bullshit!You treat me like a kid?Do you think this excuse can fool me?”
Qin Liang immediately exposed Liu Xiaoyun’s lies!Two people who are familiar with each other’s living habits,It’s really hard to deceive each other……
Liu Xiaoyun blushed,No more words。
“Why did you come out for a walk so coincidentally that you knew I was here?And you just stood here calling my name,Prove that you know I am here……wrong!You followed me here!You just saw me come out,So chased me here!right!”
Qin Liang finally cleared his thoughts,Naturally understand the truth!
“Sometimes you are not very benzene。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled shyly,Whisper。
Qin Liang was moved again in an instant,He already fully understood the reason why Liu Xiaoyun appeared here.。
“I think you may need someone by your side to talk to you。”
Liu Xiaoyun said calmly。“thank you,Girl!You were hospitalized for my serious injury the other day,Today you can’t bear to see me being left out alone,Come here to accompany me……”