Not finished。
The courtyard gate was pushed open。
“Brother Onion,Inside please。”
“Huanghu Gang Boys,Just waiting inside。”
“Said someone was making him trouble,Then this is the trouble with our Tianjitang。”
“And those who can’t get along with Tianjitang,Now all dead,Please come here in person,It’s so brilliant。”
A flattering voice sounded。
Everyone looks up。
Under the guidance of a guy with a sharp-mouthed monkey gill,The so-called Onion,Step into。
Wearing a black cloak,Wear sunglasses,Bear with both hands,Walk on,Swagger,Looks like a leader patrolling。
And the ones who followed him,There are four or five men in black,Uniformity,It looks like,Full of momentum。
“Brother Onion……”
See it。
Huang Hu is like seeing his father,Ran over crying,Tucao。
And Huang Hu’s mother is proud,Standing by,Arms around your chest,Just wait for a while to clean up Ye Tianzong。
even,Very bitter eyes,When staring at Song Lingling,Still thinking:“You damn girl,Let you go from my son,You just don’t listen,Wait for my old lady。After you pass the door,I will enforce the house rules,How about tidying you up?,Sooner or later I’ll go out and hook up with men。”