“cut……You are not afraid of life and exhaustion?!”

Shen Ruoxi replied shyly。
Changed before,In this case, Shen Ruoxi would not say anything if he was killed,A cold goddess who deliberately maintains the image of a lady anytime, anywhere,How could you say so“Vulgar”The language of。
But now it’s different,The old goddess of high cold has been married and married,Occasionally talk to my husband about such harmless“Crazy talk”,Can greatly enhance the relationship and intimacy between husband and wife,So Shen Ruoxi boldly said it……
“it does not matter,I am willing to die on the body of the goddess Shen Ruoxi……”
Qin Liang himself likes to say these crazy things,Now my wife has taken the initiative to cater to herself,This undoubtedly made him even more proud,Dare to say anything explicit,Anyway, Shen Ruoxi is her own legitimate wife,Whatever you say is a flirtation between a legitimate couple。
“You are exhausted,Should I remarry??”
Shen Ruoxi is also getting bolder……Actually dare to continue。
“I’m silly!That won’t work!Am I cuckold??No way,That will never work,Then I shouldn’t be exhausted……”
Seeing that I didn’t say a few words,I have started to glow green on my head,Qin Liang immediately changed his mind。Although Qin Liang knows that Shen Ruoxi is purely playing tricks with herself,But I imagined her remarriage in my mind,Qin Liang still feels very unbearable!
“Pooh!Who cuckold you,Net nonsense。”
Shen Ruoxi took a sip,Don’t go on。
“young married woman……you are pretty!”
Qin Liang looked at Shen Ruoxi,Suddenly came this sentence。
Because the lights in the car are not on,Only the outside light reflected into the car,So Shen Ruoxi in the dark,Looks special and beautiful,Seeing Qin Liang’s heart angry,Lust。
“I am already beautiful,I know this myself,So you don’t need to tell me。”
Shen Ruoxi said proudly,And made a naughty face。
“Wife,Why don’t we have a kiss in the car?”
Qin Liang couldn’t help it,Ready to move。