“Come on,Forgive me!Why did you follow that??”Peng Changyi’s innocent look。

Female reporter?The one from the provincial newspaper?”Ding Yiwen。
“This one,Let Secretary Peng Da speak for himself。”Jiang Fan said with a smirk。
Ding Yi is speechless,I seem to be stabbed by something in my heart。
Peng Changyi said:“Check my pager for getting up in the middle of the night,Like a neurotic。”Peng Changyi does not shy away from the presence of Ding Yi。
“You are now glamorous,Of course you have to pay attention。”Jiang Fan said jokingly。
“Where?You are the mayor who is really charming,I heard a female cadre say that they like to hold the mayor’s meeting the most,Not only speak humorously and humorously,And looks handsome,Neatly worn,Elegant temperament,still is……”
“what is this else?”
Peng Changyi can’t talk anymore,Hurriedly changed his words:“Ha ha,You don’t believe me,The female cadres said they were sitting on the rostrum and saw from one end to the other,Mayor Jiang is charming。”
“Haha,Xiaoding,See it,After becoming a secretary, I won’t lose my mouth.。I said one sentence, he said ten sentences。But really,I recently discovered that I prefer to listen to good things,Especially in front of a beautiful lady saying my good things, I love to listen more。”Jiang Fan said mockingly。
“Maybe a lot of things in this are what Xiaoding said in private?Don’t forget she is learning chinese,Some rhetoric。”
Ding Yi suddenly remembered that in Shenzhen, the mayor said that she used the same words as farmers spread fertilizer,Can’t help but cheer。
Jiang Fan also remembered this,Just said:“Xiao Ding is very stingy,Never a lot of profligacy。Moreover,If Xiaoding can compliment me so much,Why don’t you give me the gift you brought to your family?,But gave you?”Jiang Fan said。