“Brother Hui,Let me tell you the truth, don’t be angry,You are too used to sister-in-law,Too trusting,This is really bad。”

The words of a good brother Chen Xin suddenly appeared in my mind,It was when I slept after a party,His heart-to-heart advice。
But at that time,I didn’t take his words as the same thing!
“Confucius has something to say,Women and villains are the hardest to raise,Far away,Near Noriori!”
Chen Xin said with heart and soul:“So as Nietzsche said,When you go to meet a woman,Not only holding flowers,Also bring a whip。”
I actually know these two sentences,I was laughing and teasing:“Daxin,What does this mean?”
Chen Xin was a little drunk,Explain patiently:“Keep a sense of distance from women,Can’t trust completely without reservation,She will resent too far,She will disrespect you too close,Maintaining a good scale is very important。and so,Find this distance from the beginning,Because the bottom line is the bottom line!”
After that party,Chen Xin went overseas to develop。
He finally said to me when he saw off,Don’t trust so-called brothers and friends too much,Often when such a person hurts you,Most deadly!
Think now,Those things Chen Xin said are all good words,There is even a certain predictability。
I was proud of the spring breeze,How can you listen!
suddenly,Bluetooth headset rang,One phone access。
“Hey,Which?”I ask。
Since i fell,The most received calls are harassment calls and debt collection calls!
I feel bad every time I answer the phone,Either waste time,Or be afraid!