The three dishes that must be eaten in summer detox are not too late to eat now.


The three dishes that must be eaten in summer detox are not too late to eat now.

Have you had an oral ulcer recently?

The number of bowel movements is getting smaller and smaller?

Do you keep growing up on your skin?

This is the body is reminding you: the “detoxification”!

Give you a few recommended “detox foods” and try them out.

銆€銆€The first detoxification dish – cold vinegar fungus summer body is prone to heat, irritability, heat stroke, if the toxin residue is more and more, beyond the burden of body excretion, it will become a health disorder.

Known as the “human scavenger”, the fungus helps to remove toxins from the body.

Its potential incremental fiber promotes perfusion peristalsis and avoids constipation.

However, fungus is easy to adulterate. When purchasing, pay attention to the selection of moderate size, clean surface, smooth, brittle and fragile.

銆€銆€Method: Soak the dried fungus with cold water for 3 to 4 hours, then rinse the fungus to the pedicle and tear it into small flowers. Put it in boiling water for about one minute, remove it, put it in cold water, and drain.
Pour in the vinegar, add the right amount of salt, sesame oil, ginger and garlic, chopped green onion, and mix well.

The vinegar mixes the taste of the fungus, and it is appetizing. It also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. People with habitual constipation can eat it regularly.

銆€銆€The second detoxification dish: the plasma protein in the blood of pig blood stewed tofu is decomposed by the stomach acid in the human body, which produces a detoxification, decomposing the intestinal tract, and easily promotes the silencing and movement, replacing the excess feces, thereby achieving the effect of detoxification.
Pig blood contains a lot of protein, hemoglobin, which can promote protein metabolism.

Its iron content is insufficient, and it also has certain benefits for people with anemia.

Experts remind that when buying pig blood, you must choose a smooth surface, elastic, bright red color, no odor.

If it is easy to get angry, you can choose duck blood, because the duck blood is cool.

People with gout and hyperuricemia cannot eat more.

銆€銆€Practice: Cut the pig’s blood, tofu into small pieces, add some Chinese cabbage and the right amount of salt, and add a few drops of sesame oil when the pot is out.

This dish is low and palatability.

Moreover, the combination of vegetable protein and animal protein can also improve protein utilization.

銆€銆€The third dish – kelp winter melon soup produces toxins all the time, such as breathing process, metabolic process and digestion and absorption process.

Poor detoxification may cause constipation, fractures and other symptoms, and it is necessary to pay attention to detoxification in the diet.

Food detoxification is mainly through two ways: kidney and intermediates.

Foods that have a diuretic effect can promote the metabolism of the toxins of the human body and achieve the purpose of detoxification; foods that can relax the intestines can excrete toxins in the stool by promoting the peristalsis of inhalation.

銆€銆€Here is a cheap and easy to use detox meal: kelp winter melon soup.

The trace gum component in kelp is not absorbed by the body’s intrinsic digestion, and it can absorb harmful substances and toxins in the coupling.

The melon is a food that is hot, humid, and diuretic. It is a vegetable that is often eaten in summer.

You can also eat watermelon rind, which is also a diuretic food.

This combination, not only eliminates the pain of getting rid of annoyance and diuretic laxative, detoxification effect is good.