“All right,This topic passed,Just assume that nothing happened。”

Seeing the swallows look downcast,Qin Liang took the initiative to stop,He was bullying Yanzi originally,Almost done,You can’t bully it forever?Besides, Qin Liang’s intention to bully Yanzi was to tease her,If you keep entangled in this matter,Don’t you digress。
Yanzi continued to remain silent,Her current mood is complicated,Both ashamed and angry,Wronged again;Both panic,Regret again;Unwilling,Blame yourself!It can be said to be mixed,Tangled,So she really doesn’t want to talk to Qin Liang at this moment。
“Hey,I said it was all right,Why are you pouting?”
See the swallow ignore and step on himself,Qin Liang deliberately asked Swallow again without words。
“I am willing to pouting?”
Yanzi finally protested in a low voice。
“But look at your pouting,My heart itch。”
Qin Liang replied with something in his words。
Still this sentence works!Swallow stopped pouting immediately!She didn’t want to be said by Qin Liang that she was deliberately seducing him to kiss herself!
“Yeah?Why didn’t you pouting all of a sudden?”
Qin Liang asked again like a neurotic。
I’ll ask them why they are pouting?After a while, I asked why they didn’t pouting?It still makes people live?It’s not so teasing, right??This has become deliberately making things difficult for the swallows……
“I want you to!”
Swallow replied angrily,She was still guilty, she shouldn’t have said that to Qin Liang just now“Killer”What about,Now Qin Liang is so angry that he wants to hit someone!
“You can’t put it back if you pouting,I’ll be pouting like this forever,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang said with a smile on his face。
“I do!”
Yanzi’s nonchalant answer,Of course she knows that Qin Liang is talking nonsense with herself again。