[Can a woman eat menstrual gum during menstruation]_ menstrual period_ can you eat it?

[Can a woman eat menstrual gum during menstruation]_ menstrual period_ can you eat it?

We all know that Ejiao is a superior tonic. When you eat Ejiao, you usually eat a small amount, because eating a large amount of Ejiao is particularly easy to cause people to be deficient, and it can cause nosebleeds becauseE-Jiao promotes blood production in the human body. A lot of qi and blood are lost during the menstrual period of women. At this time, some women will eat E-Jiao. Can women eat E-Jiao during menstruation?

Consumption of Ejiao can promote the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin in blood (acting as a free radical iron agent).

Because the effect of Ejiao is mainly to nourish blood, it is suitable for people with blood deficiency. Therefore, women with withered skin and no blood on their lips, lips and lips are most suitable for taking blood.

Can women eat gelatin during menstruation?

Many women think that they should eat something warm during menstruation, such as red dates and gelatin to supplement blood, but this is a very general and wrong view.

Experts point out that Ejiao’s blood replenishment effect is very good at best, but if it is taken during menstruation, there will be fluctuations in menstruation, such as reduced menstrual flow and unclean menstruation.

Normal unmarried women who take gelatin for the first time during non-menstrual periods may experience delayed menstruation.

Reasons why Ejiao can’t be eaten during menstrual period: Because Ejiao not only has the effect of replenishing blood, but also has hemostatic effect, so women don’t take Ejiao at the beginning of menstruation.

Female taboos before and after menstrual period: Before menstruation: To reconcile qi and blood in time, do not eat foods that are too hot, you can take a little iron maple bucket, Zipai, yam (spleen and stomach), angelica, tincture (iron supplement), kelp (chemical) Sputum diuresis, laxative detoxification).

Menstrual period: Yin blood is leaking, yang is too strong, and it is not suitable to eat something that is too hot, such as red dates, gelatin and so on.

After menstruation: You need to nourish yin and nourish blood, and replenish the qi and blood lost before, you can cook some nourishing soups, such as black bone chicken with wolfberry, red date soup, etc., you can also eat Zipai, yam, tincture, of course, it is best toTaking Chinese medicine for nourishing yin and nourishing qi and blood.

At the same time, you can also eat more “black” foods, such as black fungus, black beans, black fish, loach.

Can women eat gelatin during menstruation?

Women should not eat foods that are too hot during menstruation. The hemostatic effect of Ejiao determines that it is not appropriate to eat Ejiao during menstruation. The diet during menstruation is very particular. Only when you eat right can you play a role in supplementing your health. Therefore, you can eat Ejiao during menstruation.Women need attention.