Women’s health to eat what kind of food women fall health essential


Women’s health to eat what kind of food women fall health essential

Every autumn, the weather is often very dry, so if you don’t pay attention to eating some food that is reduced in fire, you may have dry skin, or dry lips and other symptoms of getting angry.

Especially for women who love beauty, it is even more crucial to raise the sky in autumn. Because the temperature in autumn is gradually decreasing, the changes in the weather also make the female friends who are afraid of cold can not ignore the details from the diet and dress.

Dry weather in autumn is easy to get angry, so eat more food.

So, what do women in autumn have to eat?

1 broccoli, Chinese cabbage broccoli, Chinese cabbage is a common vegetable in life, no one thinks of such a common food, but also a relatively inexpensive vegetable on the market, in the female autumn maintenance method has such a good effect.
Broccoli, Chinese cabbage is rich in isothiocyanate, which not only helps to remove alkaline waste, but also fights cancer.

Dry weather in autumn, people are easy to get angry and easy to dry, easy to constipation, and broccoli instead of supplement fiber, beneficial digestion, prevent constipation.

The cellulose in Chinese cabbage can promote disturbance of peristalsis, help digestion and prevent dry stools.

2 The most serious problem of onion in autumn is the problem of constipation. People who have had constipation know that the feeling is very uncomfortable. Therefore, in autumn, you should eat more food that stimulates the stomach and exercise more to avoid constipation.

When it comes to food, onions are the first choice. They can supplement the internal probiotics with nutrients, stimulate their growth and solve constipation problems.

In addition, onions contain a low melting point and are not digested by the stomach and small intestine, but can be decomposed into a beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria in the large intestine to promote gastrointestinal motility.

The rich soluble dietary fiber in the onion can stimulate the intestines, make the gastrointestinal movement more vigorous, and effectively improve the symptoms of constipation.

3 Garlic Garlic can be said to be a condiment that is indispensable in every kitchen, and there are quite a lot of ways to eat it.

For example, eat garlic cloves, mash into garlic, or stir-fry with other ingredients.

In addition, the therapeutic effect of garlic is particularly concerned, so more and more health enthusiasts usually like to eat a little garlic every day.

Moreover, it is best to follow the principle of 鈥渆at raw, not eaten, eat and not eat whole鈥? garlic, garlic, antibacterial, can activate cells, mix cold vegetables with raw garlic, and prepare garlic, etc. are very healthy.Eat.

Garlic can also speed up gastrointestinal motility, promote metabolism and relieve fatigue.

For people with poor gastrointestinal function, eat less garlic.

At the same time, garlic can be sterilized in the stomach.

The above recommended three kinds of food for female friends. It is a must-have food for women’s autumn health. In fact, no matter whether it is onion, garlic or broccoli, Chinese cabbage is a common vegetable, nutritious, and these foods have prevent constipation.To regulate the function of gastrointestinal function, it can prevent the physical discomfort caused by autumn dryness.

Therefore, it is recommended that female friends should eat more of these vegetables when they are in the fall.