Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six
The solemn atmosphere permeated all around,The battle is on the verge of。
“Everyone is a civilized ninja,Have something to say,do not fight,Fighting is a bad thing。”The jar merchant said,Squat down and pat the floor with both hands,“Nuclear escape·The technique of nuclear radiation!”
Most of Konoha’s place turned green instantly。
“vomit.”Did Hinata bend down?,Make nausea and vomiting sounds。
“Hinata!”Sakura hurried to Hinata,The gentle green glow on the hand gives Hinata treatment。
“This is poison!”Tsunade looked at the jar Merchant Road,“Edogawa jar!”
“Don’t get excited,Five generations of Naruto,I advise you to let us go,if not,Innocent residents of Konoha Village.”The talking jar merchant noticed that his sleeve was pulled,Looking at the blogger,“what happened,Blogger。”
“Jar,I am also a little sick.”The blogger covered his mouth and said。
“.Do you see it!I’m so cruel that I won’t let my companions go!”
“How to do,Naruto Lord。”Kakashi walked to Tsunade and asked in a low voice,At the same time, she glanced at Kozakura who has been treating Hinata from time to time,“It looks like,This strange poison will continue to corrode the human body。”
“Not poison,Is nuclear radiation,Really uneducated。”The jar merchant interrupted。
“Psychic!”Tsunade palm slap the ground,A huge white slug was summoned。
The size of the slug summoned by Tsunade’s spiritism is related to the chakra consumed by Tsunade’s spiritism.。
“this place.It’s so uncomfortable.”
“Adult Slug,It is because of this person’s nuclear radiation that Konoha Village became like this,I hope you can divide and protect the residents of the village from nuclear radiation。”Tsunade said with a pale and weak face。