at this time,There was a rush of noise outside the door。

Push in,Is the fourth child of the security team。
The fourth lad to pass the devil training。
“Brother Qin,Something happened over the commercial street,Sister-in-law heard that you are talking to Mr. Li,Went by myself!”
Qin Shi Wenyan,Bowed his head and sighed。
This girl,So capable,What to do if something goes wrong!
“Qin Ge,What are your instructions。”
Qin Shi raised his eyes and looked at Li Qingqiu。
“Go and see with me。”
at this time,In the management room of the commercial street
Xiao Wang was tied up,Huddled in the corner,Trembling。
Cheng Long sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette,While standing aside,Is Xia Yuan’s younger brother,Xia Chen。
Since Xia Xu was deposed,Xia Yuan never stopped hating Qin Shi。
After all, this is the only child in the Xia family!
And after I heard that Cheng Long acquired the Lin Group,Just in time,Pai Xiachen went to talk with Cheng Long。
Two strong teams join forces,I can erase Lin Yun and Qin Shi!
And Cheng Long,It doesn’t matter anymore。
Anyway, even if the Xia family doesn’t come to him,,He will also destroy Lin Zhiqiang’s family,So I can grab the Lin Group’s property。
By the way,Get that beautiful and beautiful Lin Yun。