Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Why are you so panicked after hearing that,do not worry,I will be fine,Is it possible that you are still afraid that I will fail to see my shortcomings?”

Wenwen says:“Very unfortunately guessed by you,I think so。”
Ding Yi smiled,Look at Wenwen,Said deeply:“I do not know,Never。”
Wenwen listened to her explanation,And beckoned to a taxi,Turn around and talk to Ding Yi:“Let’s go,Don’t be too late。”
that’s it,Two people in a Xiali taxi,Drive to the south bank of the Wanma River。After reaching the bank,Wenwen told the driver,Let him wait for them,Give him a piece of money for the car after returning to the city。
Ding got out of the car,She walked towards the beach on the river bank,Although Baicao is declining here、A piece of yellow and desolate,But that fine sand、The exposed riverbed,The trickle of the shining river,The reed bathed in the sunset,Everything is so familiar,Everything in front of me,As if yesterday,Vividly……The kiss in the car,Hug on the shore,Thinking about it now, it still stirs her heart like that,Especially when she saw the flock of sheep on the other side of the river,And the familiar shepherd,So familiar and kind,I couldn’t help but think of his verse when he parted:“Always think of it like this,Jinbei,Fertile state,Weiwei Taihang,My second hometown for seven years;I always want to forget like this,Sunset over the river,Wanma River,Red Cloud Tears,The herding cattle and sheep in the sunset……”
Tears,Come out again……
Wenwen feels a bit cold,She hugs her shoulders,Walk slowly to Ding Yi,Follow her gaze and look ahead,Said:“Xiaoding,Wild,What’s so nice here,Didn’t you say you want to take pictures?Hurry up,Let’s go back after taking pictures,I feel a bit cold。”
Ding Yi did not speak,Stood there without moving,Wenwen turned her head,I saw Ding Yi burst into tears again……
What Wenwen just wanted to say,I heard the phone in the bag ring,It’s from Wang Yuan,Wang Yuan thought they were visiting the mall,Just ask them when they will be back,Wenwen glanced at Ding,I don’t know where they are,Just said:“Go back now。”Wang Yuan asked if he would pick them up again,Wenwen says:“no need,We took a taxi,In a while……”
Wenwen said this,Subconsciously glanced back at the taxi,At this moment,She accidentally found that the taxi was turning around,Then he drove away in a hurry,She was in a hurry,Shouted at the back of the car:“Hi——How did you go?come back——”
At this moment,Wenwen saw a white car next to it,Simultaneously,Two men, one tall and one short,The person at the head is not tall,He said as he walked:“Stop shouting,I let the driver go back,I paid him double the fare。”
That person’s voice is not high,Tone sedation、firm,As if he has the right to do this。
Wenwen asked:“who are you?We don’t know you。”
The short man walked up to them,Said:“I am Wang Yuan’s comrade in arms。”
Ding Yi turned his head at this moment,She saw someone familiar,not tall,But very lean,Face is white,It’s the kind of pale that doesn’t see the sun all year round,But thick eyebrows,Eyes are small,Sharp eyesight、Cold,Doesn’t look like a good person,Especially his slightly hunched back,It looks like I’ve seen it everywhere,But can’t remember。At this moment,The taller man stood behind them。
Wenwen heard that he is Wang Yuan’s comrade-in-arms,It’s more friendly,Said:“I don’t seem to have seen you,Where are you from?How do you know we are here?”
That person didn’t answer her,Staring at the phone in Wenwen’s hand,Reach out,Say:“Did you talk to Wang Yuan just now??give me,I talk to him。”
At this moment,A name popped out of Ding Yi’s mind:Jia Dongfang!Yes,This person is Jia Dongfang,Although Ding Yi never interviewed Jia Dongfang,But at that time the TV station responded to the request of the municipal party committee,Reports to Jia Dongfang are very frequent,Ding Yi contacted other reporters to interview Jia Dongfang’s video materials after his return,I have a deeper impression of this person。