“Something that can’t satisfy you all,I won’t bring you here either。”

Murong Shan is starting to feel bad。
“Eat more,I’ll have a good shower in a while。”
Qin Liang immediately followed and said。
“Please!Does it take a lot of effort to take a bath??Do you think it was a marching war?!”
Shen Ruoxi tangled Qin Liang again,This girl too,Eat well,I can’t forget the husband who smashed myself after eating……
“Muddy body,How to rub it down without any effort?”
Qin Liang answered arrogantly。
“You should be the only one with a lot of mud,We are very clean。You think everyone is like you。”
Shen Ruoxi said disapprovingly。
“Ok,Then you just eat less,Let me eat more by myself。Then I can fight。”
Qin Liang replied without mind。
“You are so embarrassed,You can say such things……I really convinced you too。”
Shen Ruoxi started again,She and Qin Liang actually left“It’s not that the enemy doesn’t get together”route,As long as Qin Liang speaks,She reflexively wanted to fuck him。This is why Qin Liang doesn’t care if he has a thick skin,It’s another young couple,It is estimated that in front of outsiders, my daughter-in-law always keeps her husband from coming to Taiwan,Those two did it early, I don’t know how many frames have been made,Maybe even divorced from marriage!
Fortunately, Qin Liang is not that kind of husband,Fortunately, Qin Liang has a thick skin,Fortunately, Qin Liang doesn’t care about Shen Ruoxi’s various things that don’t give him face。