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The first thousand four hundred and eighty-one chapters Fan meeting
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“Hey!What are you doing?These two are my sister,You bullied them both in front of me,I’m not afraid to clean up you?”
Yang Shiyun interrupted。
“Dare not dare!How dare we bully Shen’s sister?!In our Haishang City,No one knows the name of Shen’s sister,No one knows,Who dares to bully Shen’s sister?Aren’t I familiar with your two girls?,So I dared to get close to them,Hehe……”
The detective said cheeky。
“Can you have a good chat?……”
Shen Ruoxue blushed,Although many people flatter her and Xiaoyun,But like this, it’s naked and flattering among the public,She still can’t bear it。
“Ha ha……”
Yang Shiyun smiled and stopped talking,Of course she knows that her subordinates are deliberately teasing two little girls,As long as it is a harmless joke,Then it doesn’t matter。
“Koyuki,When will you have time to tell us the story of your defeated rebels??”
The detective also got bored after standing here for a long time,Although Yang Shiyun is also a big beauty,But dare not provoke her!Now two little beauties have finally arrived,So he talked more。