Fake fattening drugs online hot sales tens of thousands of thin people were deceived

Fake fattening drugs online hot sales tens of thousands of “thin people” were deceived

This world is wonderful, some people are worried about losing weight, and some people are working hard to gain weight.

Driven by this demand, the promotion of health care products for weight loss and fattening is pervasive.
An appetizing granule that has long been revoked by the Ministry of Health has been packaged by lawless elements, and it has become a drug with rapid fattening effect. It is rapidly selling hot on the Internet, and the number of deceived consumers is increasing.
銆€銆€Others are worried about obesity. Xiao Liu, a consumer in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, has always suspected that he is too thin. He is taller in his early 20s.
75 meters, but the weight is only a little more than 100 pounds.
It is not obvious how Xiao Liu can increase the amount of rice and reduce exercise.
In order to change his “bean” shape, Xiao Liu tried every means, but the body still “disappoints.”
銆€銆€Not long ago, Xiao Liu accidentally saw a website called 鈥淭rue Fat Music鈥?when he queried the information on the Internet. He only saw the slogan 鈥淢en make men strong, make women full, let children get fat鈥?
銆€銆€”Now people are living well, but 鈥榯hinking’ is still a helpless topic that has to be said.
Men lack masculinity because they don’t have strong muscles. Women lose sexy sensation because they don’t have satisfactory curves. The thin people sigh and helpless because they don’t have a strong body.
涓嶅皯鈥橀鐦﹀鏌粹€欑殑鐢峰コ闈掑勾锛屾鍗冩柟鐧捐鍦板鑲モ€︹€︹€濄€€銆€灏忓垬鍏村鍦扮户缁湅涓嬪幓锛氣€滃鏋滆鑳栨槸涓€绉嶇疮璧橈紝閭d箞鐦︿篃鏄竴绉嶉仐鎲撅紝鐦﹁繕涓嶄粎鏄仐鎲撅紝娑堢槮铏氬急杩楥an cause many diseases.
The ancients cloud 鈥榯hickness, weak, weak, easy to get sick’.
However, there are many reasons for thinness, but it is also very complicated, but it is mainly caused by poor digestion and poor absorption.
This product is really extracted from a variety of traditional Chinese medicines, no hormones, no side effects.
It mainly solves the problem of nutrition absorption of people who are weak and weak. That is to say, the saying goes, ‘Light is not fat, slippery stomach, etc.’, so as to promote absorption, balance nutrition to make the thin people get rid of troubles, gradually gain weight, and live a healthy life.
I can’t think of this world not only diet pills, but also fattening drugs, Xiao Liu hi looked out, as if I saw the savior, immediately spent nearly 300 yuan on the Internet to buy a course of “true fat music” to eat.
After eating for ten days, Xiao Liu felt that the drug had no effect. Instead, the stomach rose after eating, which made him less appetizing.
Xiao Liu carefully read the instructions of the product, and found that only the “appetizer” effect was written on the above, and did not mention the effect of increasing fat.
銆€銆€So Xiao Liu began to question the authenticity of the product. He re-registered on the website. The approval number of the product claiming 鈥淶hen Fei Le鈥?was 鈥淲ei Shi Jian Zi (2000) No. 0552鈥?
Xiao Liu has been inquired, the product corresponding to this batch number is not “real fat music”!
“I can’t stand the temptation to get fat after eating, and I hope to buy a course of treatment, but I didn’t expect to buy fake medicine!”
Xiao Liu said angrily.
It has the functions of comprehensively promoting digestion, enhancing intestinal absorption, improving sleep, two-way regulation, and balanced absorption.
Fundamentally completely remove the cause of the formation of weight loss, for a variety of thin, extremely thin and more food is not fat, picky eaty anorexia, poor sleep and other symptoms have a definite therapeutic effect.
鈥濄€€銆€缃戠珯涓婅繕璧劧鍐欑潃璇ヤ骇鍝佽兘澶熸敼鍙樹汉浣撶槮寮卞熀鍥狅細鈥溾€樼湡鑲ヤ箰鈥欏啿鍓傞噰鐢ㄤ腑鍗庡尰鑽紶缁熺鏂癸紝缁撳悎寰敓鎬佸锛屽熀鍥犺皟鎺ф妧鏈€佺幇浠g敓鐗╂妧鏈€侀€夌敤30澶氱澶╃劧妞嶇墿绮惧績鐮斿埗鑰孖t contains a large number of nutrients necessary for the human body, regulates and changes the lean genes of the human body, and rapidly increases fat (increased weight) with remarkable effects.
Since 鈥榯rue fat music’ entered the national market, its scientific fattening effect has caused many thin friends to get rid of the troubles caused by thinness and provoke a strong fitness boom.
The website claims that the main ingredients of “Zhen Fei Le” medicines are more than 10 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines such as Codonopsis pilosula, medlar, malt, hawthorn, Chinese yam and chicken inner gold. The main function is to “encourage digestion, enhance absorption, improve sleep, and increase the number of people.””Fat”; the applicable population is “adolescents with high work pressure, long-term sleep, excessive body consumption, body weight loss, lack of temperament, partial eclipse, anorexia, stunting, incomplete absorption of nutrients or congenital deficiency, sleep quality宸紝椋熸涓嶆尟銆佺柌鍊︽棤绁炪€佷綋璐ㄨ櫄寮便€佸舰浣撴秷鐦︺€佺己涔忛煹鍛冲コ鎬р€︹€︹€濄€€銆€缃戠珯涓婅繕澹扮О锛屾湇鐢ㄢ€滅湡鑲ヤ箰鈥濆悗涓€涓枟绋嬪彧闇€15澶╁氨鏈夋槑鏄剧殑澧炶偉鏁堟灉锛屸€溾€樼湡鑲ヤ箰鈥欐槸绾腑鑽埗鍓傚啿鍓傦紝涓嶅惈浠讳綍婵€绱犮€侷t has the characteristics of being fast and easy to absorb.
Generally, the weight of the thinner can be significantly increased after taking it in a short period of time, and the physical condition is obviously improved. The extremely thin person can reach the standard body shape in only 2-3 courses.
At the same time, there are a number of “skinny people” on the website who have eaten the message about how the product is getting fat and how to be effective.
A user in Tianjin said: “I have been very thin. I remember that after I was in elementary school, my mother worried that I would not be blown away by the wind.
I also tried a lot of methods to make myself fat, but the effect is not very good, I also gradually lost confidence in the fat.
When I first got to work, my colleague recommended 鈥榯rue fat music’ to me. He said that the effect was good.
I bought two courses of medicine with a try-and-see attitude. After eating, my body was much better than before.
Later, I bought another course of treatment. When the medicine was not finished, my weight increased from 76 kg to 94 kg.
When I was at work, my spirit was enough, my confidence was strong, and I was so happy.
“A woman in Shijiazhuang is also expressing her joy after the success of fattening. The reporter saw in a forum about 鈥榯rue fat music’ that many consumers bought the product and then they were fooled.涓€浣嶆秷璐硅€呯暀瑷€璇达細鈥滃湪缃戜笂涓€鎼滃鑲ワ紝绗竴涓氨鏌ュ埌鈥樼湡鑲ヤ箰鈥欑殑缃戦〉锛屽師鏉ユ槸姣忕洅78鍏冿紝涔?閫?锛屾垜姹囨234鍏冿紝鏀舵浜烘槸Yue Junfeng, business card number 9558823700003525696, bought 3 boxes.

After eating the stomach up, affecting digestion, I think the other party is a bunch of liar, please don’t be fooled.

The approval number has already been revoked. The reporter has inquired about the approval number of 鈥淶hen Fei Le鈥?and found that the corresponding product name is 鈥淛inlejian Body Granule鈥? The manufacturer is Shanxi Linyi Jinniu Food Co., Ltd., which functions as 鈥渋mproving the gastrointestinal tract鈥?Function “to promote digestion”.

At the same time, the reporter inquired that the product was suspected of illegal and false propaganda. In 2002, it was notified by the Ministry of Health: 鈥淭he Jinle brand fitness agent declared and produced by Linyi Jinniu Health Food Co., Ltd., the product was renamed as slimming without authorization.People Jinlejian body granules, and in the instructions to promote correction of partial eclipse, anorexia to improve hemoglobin levels.

A person familiar with the pharmaceutical industry said that Jinle brand fitness granules are a common product that promotes digestion, and there is no effect of fattening at all.

Later, the manufacturer arbitrarily corrected the approval content of the products of the relevant state departments, and added the propaganda of 鈥渓etting the thin people get fat鈥?and turned into 鈥渢rue fat music鈥? so the product has already been sealed up.

銆€銆€The reporter saw on the website of 鈥淶henfeile鈥?that the registration number of the website is ICP No. 06008939. The address of 鈥淐ontact Us鈥?in the website is the pharmacy of Wellcome Huikang Pharmacy, Electronic Second Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.銆傘€€銆€The reporter went to the pharmacy and found that there was a general pharmacy everywhere. The reporter found the “True Fat Music” product on the counter.

The reporter asked the clerk whether the sales address of the product is here. The clerk said that they only acted as agents. The reporter said that he wanted to purchase the drug in large quantities. He wanted to contact the relevant person in charge. The clerk was very vigilant and asked the reporter a few questions.The reporter was given a PHS phone number “029-81229297”.

The reporter called the phone, and the man who answered the phone claimed to be Yue Junfeng, which the consumer once mentioned. The reporter said: “I want to buy in large quantities. Can we talk about it?

“The other party has repeatedly questioned the identity of the reporter and said that it can be purchased directly at the pharmacy.

When the reporter indicated the identity, the other party hurriedly hanged the phone and dialed again to show that it was turned off.

銆€銆€The reporter then found on the Internet that more than one of the fraudulent use of Jinle brand fitness agent.

On a website called 鈥淐hina Thin Man Fertility Net鈥? the above-mentioned unsatisfactory sales of thin people Jinlejian body granules, while on the product box, it is written by Chengdu Kangyuanfei Industrial Co., Ltd.

The reporter first found through the Sichuan Industrial and Commercial Bureau that Chengdu Kangyuanfei Industrial Co., Ltd. is only a sales company, and there is no pharmaceutical qualification at all.

The first person in the pharmaceutical industry said: “They are too lazy to change their names!

Similar to the previous website, the sales address of the website is 鈥淒ongqiang Pharmacy under the Lianfeng Commercial Building, Lianqian East Road, Xiamen City鈥?

銆€銆€The reporter found that the promotion of some websites is basically a change of soup, and they all claim that their products are pure natural fattening products. They are the most effective pure natural fattening products that have been approved by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China for strict clinical testing.The listing has been used for many years at its reasonable price, and it has a very significant effect on fattening, which has made the products of countless thin friends have special trust.

銆€銆€The reporter asked the relevant departments of the Ministry of Health that the production approval number of Jinle brand fitness medicinal agent has long been revoked. The Ministry of Health has not carried out clinical tests and approved the production of fattening products such as the thin man Jinlejian body granules and 鈥淶henfeile鈥?Obviously suspected of fraudulent fraud, consumers must be vigilant and not be deceived.