“I rely on fucking!”

Qin Liang’s heart feels bleeding,He really loves Shen Ruoxue too much,He and Shen Ruoxue have been together for a long time,He is too clear,I know this little girl who is as beautiful as a summer flower。
Under her beautiful face,Is a pure and clean heart like an angel,Her inner world,Is a little angel’s paradise,Except for kindness,Innocence,Just naive,Beautiful,At most a little child’s waywardness,Nature is very kind,Rarely bully,Very responsible。
Even if you encounter stray cats and dogs, your compassion will overflow。But now she’s been abused so miserably,This is simply unreasonable,If this world is so unfair,He Qin Liang gave her a fair,Anyone hurts Shen Ruoxue,Have to pay the price!
“Hu Niu!I won’t let you die tomorrow,My fucking surname is not Qin!”
Qin Liang swears secretly in his heart,Gnash your teeth with hate。
“Brother-in-law,I hurt!help me……”
Shen Ruoxue is full of tears again,If it’s not Qin Liang standing in front of her now,Not her dear family,She would rather die of pain than show such a pitiful appearance。
Because she has always been a proud little princess。
Family around her,Friends say she is,She herself felt that she was。
But this little princess who is loved by many people,But now I’ve suffered a disaster,She was ruthlessly devastated by a group of dehumanized little demons,Like the moon stolen by the tengu,It’s gray!
Qin Liang is so distressed,This little girl is usually very spoiled,Now being made like this by others,Where is he willing,And now Shen Ruoxue is hurt all over,Always twitching like this will definitely get worse。
He is very aware of the danger of such injuries on Shen Ruoxue’s body,If you don’t get timely treatment,Such injuries can easily become fatal hazards,If the wound becomes infected,The consequences are unimaginable,He absolutely can’t let Shen Ruoxue go on like this,She must be treated well,Otherwise, don’t talk about it.,He can’t pass this level by himself。
“Ok……Brother-in-law, don’t peek……”