When the last scene happens,Actor died,The heroine’s suicide appears。Everyone was deeply shocked。

Too exciting!Immersive stimulation,As if the heroine is watching them。
“Horror Movie of the Year!”
“Epoch-making performance!”
“The sense of substitution is too strong!”
This is the unanimous view of top film critics,This movie will definitely catch on!
Then Kobe and his team attended the press conference after watching the movie.,Answered some questions。
Paramount will continue to think of ways to promote,Today’s trial screening was excellent,They have to strike while the iron is hot!
4month13day!The film is officially released!
4month13day!Lakers vs. Jazz,Fourth game of the season!
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Two The strongest face frame singles player in history
1997year4month6day,The Lakers have three consecutive home games,Located in the Great Western Forum Arena,Vs. Dallas Mavericks。