“will not,There can only be one fawn,There won’t be a second。”

“Although I can’t tell the truth or not,But I like to hear this。”
Jiang Fan laughed haha。
Ding Yi laughed too。
Their car parked in front of a building,Just stopped,Two waiters in uniform came over immediately,Pull the car door for them and stand by。Jiang Fan opens the trunk,Take out the travel bag and water glass,And then gave the car to the waiter,The waiter drove the car away。Another waiter hurried over and picked up his bag,Ding Yi felt the upscale of this hotel,The magnificent European style of decoration,It’s graceful and luxurious、Atmospheric and exquisite exotic court style。
Jiang Fan took out a card,To the waitress at the door,Immediately another waitress took them to lead the rest area,They just sat down,The waitress came over,Return the card to Jiang Fan,Said with a pleasant smile:“Mr. Miss please。”
then,They followed this waiter into the elevator,I don’t know which floor I got,After exiting the elevator door,There is another waiter waiting at the elevator door,Took the room card from the waiter,Lead Jiang Fan and the others to a room,Card,Door open,Two waiters standing at the door,The waitress said:“Happy sir and miss。”Finished,Put their bags by the door,Went out。
“Why they stand at the door and not come in?”Ding Yi asked curiously。
“Ha ha,All facilities here are disinfected,One customer one disinfection,Of course they won’t come in。”
This is a big suite,Outside is the reception area,Inside is the rest area,The bathroom and toilet are at the entrance。Ding Yi looked around,All European classical style,Elegant,Large lamp pool,Ornate chandelier,Two luxurious Roman columns at the entrance of the hall,fireplace,Dark brown pure wooden floor,Dark oak furniture,Landscape oil painting,Curved floor-to-ceiling glass windows,Soft curtain,Full of romance and elegance。Even the Simmons inside is European,Wide and soft,style。
Ding Yi secretly smacked,Whispered:“mayor,You go back to beijing,Live in such a high class place,too……”She wants to say too**Up,I feel unfair to say that the mayor,Make a temporary change,Say:“Too luxurious!”
Where does Ding Yi know,before,If you must stay overnight in Beijing,Jiang Fan also lives in the hotel building of the Beijing Office,but,Obviously you can’t live in Beijing with Ding Yi,also,Maybe Zhong Mingyi and Yajuan are there,It’s just that I can’t tell Ding Yi,He walked over,Hold her,Said:“Do you want to say me**?Tell you,Never before,This is the first time,All for you。”