Liu Xiaoyun’s tangled question。

“I don’t care anyway,You have to talk to me every day,You won’t just pick what I like to say?I have to say I don’t like listening?”
Shen Ruoxue said hypocritically。
“Your chest is so big!Do you like this??”
Liu Xiaoyun rolled her eyes and said……
“roll!Don’t say this。”
Shen Ruoxue rolled her eyes and started。
“Don’t say this?What do you want me to say?”
Liu Xiaoyun also asked Shen Ruoxue, rolling her eyes。
“I have nothing else to say but this, right??”
Shen Ruoxue’s tangled question。
“I can’t remember what else you can praise for besides this。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered eagerly。
Shen Ruoxue gritted her teeth and said!
I didn’t expect Liu Xiaoyun to speak,There was a laugh from the side!Shen Ruoxue turned her face to look,Mom,Yanzimeizi, Li Qiaoer, Li Yaxin, and Luna are all listening!