Several types of women orgasm


Several types of women orgasm

Sexual orgasm is simple and complicated.

For example, does female orgasm have several forms?

Do those people have multiple orgasms?

There is currently no consensus.

The experience of women’s orgasm is even more varied and has a wide range of names.

We still start with the type of female orgasm.

The current consensus is that female orgasm is divided into three categories, namely, clitoris orgasm, vaginal orgasm and clitoris vaginal mixed orgasm.


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銆€銆€3, mixed orgasm has both forms of climax.

Rather than obviously which one is the main one.

銆€銆€Vaginal orgasm is also called complete orgasm. It is similar to male orgasm. After sexual orgasm, there is fatigue and satisfaction. It seems that no further sexual behavior is needed. The curve of orgasm seems to be steep and steep.And the orgasm-like orgasm feels more intense, short-lived, irritating, orgasm changes like a tidal wave, a wave of waves, and a mixed orgasm is somewhere in between.

銆€銆€When a woman reaches orgasm, on the basis of a significant increase in the breast and a blush, the muscles are involuntarily twitched, including a gap of about 0 times in the vagina.

8 seconds of contraction.

The anal sphincter also contracts at the same time.

Sometimes there are physiological changes such as increased breathing, elevated blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and sweating.

Some people can have a contraction fracture of the vocal cord muscles, which is similar to the sound of sputum, commonly known as the bed.

銆€銆€The psychological manifestation of female orgasm is that the inner experience or feeling is different, and the interval between them is different.

Most women think that the orgasm formed by the vagina is not too serious, and there is a local warmth and pressure.

A woman wrote in the description of orgasm: I can get two forms of orgasm, clitoris orgasm (in masturbation and oral sex), during the process of experiencing this orgasm, I feel that the sex organs are warm, there areFeeling, my muscles became tight and tight, and then a wonderful heat flow from my soles to my head, and then my clitoris also had a sense of explosion.

I will feel fascinated for half an hour or more after the climax.

That feeling is very strong.

I feel the instigation and tremors in the depths, my hands and thighs will become a little numb after the orgasm.