and so:No one laughs。

“I have a hasty!Didn’t you say you want to fight with me?Why did I bully you again??Where do you start?!”
Qin Liang’s dumbfounded answer。
“Xiaoyun,plum,Do you have money?Lend me a few bucks later,If I can’t find anything to eat tomorrow morning,Buy a bun for yourself。”
Shen Ruoxue said seriously to Liu Xiaoyun and Mei Zi again,I didn’t know what Qin Liang was saying。
Both Liu Xiaoyun and Mei Zi don’t know how to answer this question.!This is too bad, right?!
“What the hell is this!”
Qin Liang is also confused,Shen Ruoxue’s words sound so awkward!
“plum,Don’t you wear a flashlight at all times??Give me the flashlight too,It’s too dark in the sleeping bridge cave at night,I will be scared,Have a flashlight and take a look,I can be bolder。”
Shen Ruoxue continued to talk to herself……
“Koyuki!What are you talking about!”
Shen Ruoxi’s eyes were red in an instant,Shouted loudly。
Not only can she not listen,Murong Shan Chen Hao Song Min,Even Yang Shiyun, Liu Xiaoyun and Meizi,All changed their faces!I know it’s nonsense,But these words came out of Shen Ruoxue’s mouth,The girls all feel bitter and sad,It’s like Shen Ruoxue really wants to go to the bridge cave by herself for a while。
“Actually i know,You don’t like me anymore,Because i have mental illness,Becomes weird and annoying!And i also know,You are all hiding from me,Xiaoyun is not sick at all,She’s just afraid that I can’t accept reality alone,That’s why I pretended that I was sick like me,You are all cooperating with her acting for me。”
Chapter three thousand six hundred and fifty seven You mean you are better than me