Jiang Fan said:“He is Uncle Xu,Also father、Uncle Peng and his mother’s colleagues,This was taken when my mother went to the grassland to find dad。”

“Why didn’t you bring me and brother?”Erbao asked。
Jiang Fan is also infinitely emotional,Said:“You weren’t born at that time。”
Measure theory:“Why not my mother?”
Peng Changyi turned around,Looked at my son and said:“Your mother didn’t ask for leave,She can’t come。”
Shu Qing couldn’t help but smile,Said:“Mom didn’t know Dad at that time。”
Measure and see dad,Look at mom again,He walked behind dad,Turned around,Push dad with a little butt,Counted as punishment for dad fooling him。
Peng Changyi raised his head and glanced at the billboard again,Talk to Jiang Fan:“This won’t work,People who saw them,I want to ask them for advertising fees,Maybe how many years this billboard has been used,How much wealth has been created for them。”
Dabao took dad’s hand,Said:“father,Did they infringe on mother’s photo rights?。”
Jiang Fan said:“This can’t be called a violation,Because your mother is so beautiful,and,They were friends who came to the grassland。Say again,They are not doing this for commercial interests,Can only be counted as image promotion。”
“It’s called infringement with mother’s consent。”
Peng Changyi said at this moment:“Dabao,You are darker than me,I just wanted to exchange advertising fees with them for a drink,But you want to send them directly to the dock。Awesome,Awesome!”
What Dabao said to Peng Changyi seemed to understand but not understand,Two dark eyes look at the mother above,Look at the mother below。
Jiang Fan looked at this huge portrait,Say:“Don’t you say,This photo is from a professional point of view,It’s flawless,Regardless of the character’s expression or the light framing,All perfect。Such a perfect photo,Used as propaganda by them,Even if it’s not from commercial interests,It also means to attract tourists,I agree to ask for advertising fee,such,As a family member,I can still make a small fortune。”