and so:No one laughs。

“I have a hasty!Didn’t you say you want to fight with me?Why did I bully you again??Where do you start?!” Qin Liang’s dumbfounded answer。 “Xiaoyun,plum,Do you have money?Lend me a few bucks later,If I can’t find anything to eat tomorrow morning,Buy a bun for yourself。” Shen Ruoxue said seriously to Continue Reading

Pei Huan really can’t help it,He pretended to be a dude for so many years,to be frank,Rich life corrupts people,If he didn’t remember to do it for his late parents,If you live well,He really ruined。But now,He is still corroded.He has no personal ability,There is no competent assistant around,And no friends to ask for help.Can only rely on money to get some news。

But even if it’s money bought,Pei Huan can’t believe it all。After repeated verification in person,Only have some confidence。 After seeing the surveillance at the school,Only then confirmed that the infiltrator is Yang Xiaomu,I made up my mind to find Bao Bao Ou。 but,Pei Huan knows very well,In his status,Family assets,Nothing Continue Reading

“Is this related to the mine??”Wu Youfu asked alertly。

Peng Changyi said:“Since family members have identified,Their relatives work in the mine,If so,We must strengthen the management and rectification of mine security,Do the code clearly,Register these miners,It won’t happen in the future。” Wu Youfu sank his face,Said:“I’ll talk about this later,Let’s talk about this problem first。Secretary Zhai also talked about Continue Reading

Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Why are you so panicked after hearing that,do not worry,I will be fine,Is it possible that you are still afraid that I will fail to see my shortcomings?”

Wenwen says:“Very unfortunately guessed by you,I think so。” Ding Yi smiled,Look at Wenwen,Said deeply:“I do not know,Never。” Wenwen listened to her explanation,And beckoned to a taxi,Turn around and talk to Ding Yi:“Let’s go,Don’t be too late。” that’s it,Two people in a Xiali taxi,Drive to the south bank of the Wanma Continue Reading

Yajuan came out with a helmet,They launched motorcycles,Yajuan turned around and locked the courtyard door again,And left with Ding Yi。Ding Yi didn’t find Zhong Mingyi’s car in the aisle。

come back to the office,Ding Yi first called Lin Yan,Lin Yan said:“Why so long,You are not at work?” “No,just came back,Did you go to the forum?” “The forum changed to Monday,I asked them to draw up the outline in advance,You meet them again on Monday,Interview with Nancheng on Tuesday morning,Interview Continue Reading