“Look,Just catch two goddesses!”

Murong Shan proudly said,Everyone laughed at once。 “you win!Ha ha……No one of us can stand up against you!” Qin Liang nodded and said。 “Yeah,its not right……Why do I feel that there are still several goddesses in our house who are not there??” Murong Shan scanned the surrounding area once,Suddenly asked Continue Reading

“Why am I talking nonsense?Which one of my words is wrong?Come,You have the ability to refute me one by one,I listen,Let’s have a good debate。”

Qin Liang was so confident。 “I don’t want to talk to you now,Go away。” Liu Xiaoyun is actually a lady,A very gentle answer!Qin Liang was stunned,After a while。He just recovered“puff”Laughed out。 “It’s useless to laugh,Go away,Hurry up。” I don’t know if Liu Xiaoyun did it on purpose,I really plan to Continue Reading

Tao Lan hurriedly made a silent gesture to him,Anxiously took a glance at Guan Hao。

really,Guan Hao immediately said seriously:“Lan Lan,As a professional police,The most taboo is to expose yourself too early,You obviously didn’t do this。” 21“I won’t run away with you” Ding Hai heard Guan Hao criticize Tao Lan not to expose herself too early,He quickly said:“Don’t blame Miss Tao,I forced her to make Continue Reading

Qin Liang took advantage of it,Actually he asked Liu Xiaoyun confidently。

Liu Xiaoyun still doesn’t speak,Sighed lightly,Turned around and pushed the car full of leaves,It was reasonable and unreasonable, and it was finished.,It’s useless to say anything,So there is no need to say,Besides, theoretically,Qin Liang is hypocritical,But these words he said are also valid,After all, Liu Xiaoyun did agree to be Continue Reading

“All right,This topic passed,Just assume that nothing happened。”

Seeing the swallows look downcast,Qin Liang took the initiative to stop,He was bullying Yanzi originally,Almost done,You can’t bully it forever?Besides, Qin Liang’s intention to bully Yanzi was to tease her,If you keep entangled in this matter,Don’t you digress。 Yanzi continued to remain silent,Her current mood is complicated,Both ashamed and angry,Wronged Continue Reading

And the content of this subversive and dramatic meeting,Also very fast,Spread all over the company。mixed reviews。But only the same,I just feel that my grandchildren are making a fuss,Make a fuss,Intended to kill the chicken and the monkey。Various conspiracy theories are endless。

I also heard some rumors outside,Well-informed,From Shenzheng Research Institute,Know some things。But basically feel,Shenzheng Research Institute Courageous,But I made so much money by doing such a vote,Daou will not be held accountable,Just a little itchy.Great Europe,Really rich。 Si Guangnian listened to the assistant’s report,Frowned。If this matter doesn’t get involved,,It seems to Continue Reading