“He likes you?”

Fang Yu asked in a low voice。 “Cough……Just know,Don’t say much。” Min Yurou is very embarrassed。 Fang Yu is really direct,Without hesitation。 “understand!” Fang Yu nodded。 There is nothing to hide,Dr. Zhang just now。 The eyes fell on Min Yurou’s body。 Anyone can see。 just,Outsiders don’t say anything。 “We also Continue Reading

The female clerk also felt Qin Liang’s eyes looking up and down her body,But she is used to this look,Not disgusted,She still has confidence in her figure,Not to mention that Qin Liang is also a handsome guy,Was stared at by a handsome guy like this,I am very proud of myself。

Wait a while,Seeing that Qin Liang didn’t reply,The female clerk introduced to Master Qin with a smile:“Handsome guy,Are you here to buy a suit?,Our shop recently came to a batch of new styles,If you are interested,Can take a look。” Usually men come to their store,I buy more suits,So the female Continue Reading

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———— The first thousand four hundred and eighty-one chapters Fan meeting ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! “Hey!What are you doing?These two are my sister,You bullied them both in front of me,I’m not afraid to clean up you?” Yang Continue Reading

This time the boy went out with two knives,One long and one short,Put the long machete in the backpack,No one can see,The short knife is tied to the calf,This is what he learned from TV,One leg up,Knife,Unconsciously。

But the boy is still some distance away from this state,Have to practice drawing swords On the way back to Lin’an Community,Gan Yifan went to the sports shop,Bought a pair of gloves,A sandbag。Carry big bag,When getting off the car with a sandbag,Online ride-hailing driver thumbs up,In fact, I was really Continue Reading

“I won’t go home,I still have something,You put me down。”Wenwen said。

Wang Yuan said:“Don’t go back,Let’s go to the hotel to open a room。” Wenwen says:“Do you often open rooms with others?” “That is,Where to sleep without opening the room,I do this often。” “Humph,So thick-skinned。” Wang Yuan laughed,Said:“I did open a room in the hotel,It’s just not for you,Made for me,Let’s Continue Reading

“Brother Hui,Let me tell you the truth, don’t be angry,You are too used to sister-in-law,Too trusting,This is really bad。”

The words of a good brother Chen Xin suddenly appeared in my mind,It was when I slept after a party,His heart-to-heart advice。 But at that time,I didn’t take his words as the same thing! “Confucius has something to say,Women and villains are the hardest to raise,Far away,Near Noriori!” Chen Xin Continue Reading


Not finished。 The courtyard gate was pushed open。 “Brother Onion,Inside please。” “Huanghu Gang Boys,Just waiting inside。” “Said someone was making him trouble,Then this is the trouble with our Tianjitang。” “And those who can’t get along with Tianjitang,Now all dead,Please come here in person,It’s so brilliant。” A flattering voice sounded。 Everyone Continue Reading

Shen Ruoxue answered with a smile,Then I saw Qin Liang appear next to him!Qin Liang saw that his daughter is beautiful and cute,So I squeezed in to watch the fun……His daughter’s plot has been deeply rooted in his blood and bone marrow……

I saw Qin Liang was also joining in the fun,Yang Zhi and they all surrounded! “Hey Hey hey,What are you doing?Don’t crowd around,So many of us,Scared my little sister again!” Liu Xiaoyun immediately began to evacuate her,Not to mention;Liu Xiaoyun is Liu Xiaoyun,Her yell really works!Yang Zhi and the others Continue Reading