Big boys are not good men

Big boys are not good men Nie Junying, a 28-year-old Xiangtan pharmacy nurse, never expected that she would give birth to a 5. Big fat boy weighing 25 kg. At present, both mother and child are in good health. According to the infant weight standard, babies over 4 kg are Continue Reading

Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage Cabbage is a young plant of the Brassicaceae herbaceous cabbage and green cabbage, which is widely cultivated throughout the country. Generally harvested in winter and spring. Remove roots and wash.   The taste is sweet and slightly cold.   Ingredients This product contains protein, traces, multivitamins and calcium and calcium, Continue Reading

Mohr Fitness

Mohr Fitness Modern medical research believes that many parts of the ear have a physiological internal connection with the internal organs of the human body and are regarded as “reduced body shapes.” Regular ear massage can enhance hearing and clear your mind.   Molar method: step into the ear hole with Continue Reading