9 kinds of foods prolong life

锘? 9 kinds of foods prolong life There are many opinions about the secrets of longevity: clean air, moderate exercise, balanced nutrition, regular work schedule. For busy modern people, diet adjustment is the easiest to achieve. On February 26th, Mexico’s “Cosmos” said that eating the following nine kinds of foods Continue Reading

Would you choose a cough medicine?

锘? Would you choose a cough medicine? The climate has turned cold and the number of patients with cough has increased dramatically. Many people are reluctant to use cough-relieving western medicine and hope to take Chinese medicine for cough. Although the two cough-killing Chinese medicines sold on the market are Continue Reading

5 benefits of drinking tea

锘? 5 benefits of drinking tea What are the benefits of drinking tea? 銆€銆€The best tea drinking tea is green tea, black tea, etc. From the health care effect, green tea is the best. There are at least three mysteries: First, the green tea contains the most abundant nutrients, such Continue Reading

Eat salty, look down

锘? Eat salty, look down In my family, my mom is cooking, and my mom has a habit of cooking, that is, I love salt. Our family’s dishes are always salty, and we have jokes. Our domestic dogs have high blood pressure. Therefore, I have “protested” many times, but my Continue Reading

WHO corrects Asian obesity standards

锘? WHO corrects Asian obesity standards There are obvious levels of harmful substances in Asian humans, generally higher than the same weight of Westerners, which may cause bias in the original weight loss standards. The World Health Organization has recently adjusted to make Asian obesity standards more stringent. 銆€銆€Many people Continue Reading