Yajuan came out with a helmet,They launched motorcycles,Yajuan turned around and locked the courtyard door again,And left with Ding Yi。Ding Yi didn’t find Zhong Mingyi’s car in the aisle。

come back to the office,Ding Yi first called Lin Yan,Lin Yan said:“Why so long,You are not at work?”
“No,just came back,Did you go to the forum?”
“The forum changed to Monday,I asked them to draw up the outline in advance,You meet them again on Monday,Interview with Nancheng on Tuesday morning,Interview with Mayor Zhang in the afternoon。”
“Oh。OK then。”Ding Yigang wants to ask the mayor about a cold,I heard Lin Yan say again before asking:
“Do you have time right now?”
“I’ll be free if I don’t have a forum,what happened?”
“The mayor has a high fever,In infusion。”
“what?In which hospital?”
“He didn’t go to the hospital,I’m afraid everyone will be troublesome,At the hotel。If you have time, go help me with him,He arranged a lot for me this afternoon,I can’t go away。”
Ding Yi thought about it:“Are there no nurses??”
“He didn’t let,It’s not convenient to go to a nurse,Where is Xiao Xu now,I’ll send a car to pick you up。”
“No need to,I’m going on the trampoline。”
“Don’t don’t,Please,Don’t ride the electric bungee,There seems to be no good people sitting there。”Lin Yan hurriedly stopped her。
Ding Yi smiled,After Kangzhou’s economic boom,Various service industries are also booming,For a while,Many human tricycles and electric tricycles appeared in the streets and lanes,These tricycles are decorated with flowers,Pulling the same beautifully dressed woman wandering on the road。
Lin Yan said:“You wait,I’ll find a car to pick you up。”
“Your effort to find a car,I’m here long ago,All right,I won’t wait。”Talking,Hung up,Pick up the bag and walk out of the unit door。
She walked on the national highway,Look back while walking,See if there is a taxi passing by,Walked a little further,There was a car horn behind,She looked back,The car parked beside her,One person down from above,Ding Yiyi,Zou Zijie,Just said:“It is you,Didn’t you go to Hainan?”
Zou Zijie said:“just came back,Where are you going?I see you off。”
Ding Yi said:“Where’s the car?”