“Chen Xingyi……Wow,He is so fast!”Shen Lang exclaimed。

In the picture,Chen Xingyi is almost two positions behind Heihe Polaris full-back,But after running a few steps,He has chased him side by side。
The opposing players also felt the pressure brought by Chen Xingyi’s sprint,He opened his arms and tried to interfere。
Chen Xingyi waved and opened it!
Chen Xingyi suffocated for several games,I want to vent it all in this sprint!
He surpassed each other,Speed up,Still accelerating!
“Chong ah son!!”Chen Hantang in the box saw this scene,Can’t help but yell out,Let other guests in the box know his identity……
But he doesn’t care about it,It’s been a long time since I saw my son so energetic,He just wants to shout,Cheer for my son!
Now when he sees his son running wild on the court,He finally seemed to have seen a blockbuster in the national competition.,Chen Xingyi who became famous in World War I。
It’s a rolling stone full of edges and corners,Haven’t been smoothed out by worldly rules,Sharp-edged,Dreaming of walking around the world with a sword。
what?Blocking the way ahead is Chongwen Middle School, the defending champion of the national competition?
Fuck,This is Chen Xingyi from Shuguang High School!
Chen Hantang stopped shouting,He just clenched his fists tightly,Gnawing teeth,Looking at the dashing figure in the stadium。
“Oh my God!Still accelerating!How fast is Chen Xingyi!”