Liu Xiaoyun said nonchalantly。

“Ok……correct,What are you doing here?Aren’t you chatting with everyone?” Qin Liang asked curiously。 “Oh……I stayed hot inside,Out for a walk。” Liu Xiaoyun casually explained。 “You come out for a walk?”Qin Liang asked suspiciously,Liu Xiaoyun’s excuse is too flawed,Everyone in the Shen family knows,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are“Siamese twins”,Wherever you Continue Reading

Liu Xiaoyun’s tangled question。

“I don’t care anyway,You have to talk to me every day,You won’t just pick what I like to say?I have to say I don’t like listening?” Shen Ruoxue said hypocritically。 “Your chest is so big!Do you like this??” Liu Xiaoyun rolled her eyes and said…… “roll!Don’t say this。” Shen Ruoxue Continue Reading

“Come on,Forgive me!Why did you follow that??”Peng Changyi’s innocent look。

Female reporter?The one from the provincial newspaper?”Ding Yiwen。 “This one,Let Secretary Peng Da speak for himself。”Jiang Fan said with a smirk。 Ding Yi is speechless,I seem to be stabbed by something in my heart。 Peng Changyi said:“Check my pager for getting up in the middle of the night,Like a neurotic。”Peng Continue Reading

Jiang Fan said:“He is Uncle Xu,Also father、Uncle Peng and his mother’s colleagues,This was taken when my mother went to the grassland to find dad。”

“Why didn’t you bring me and brother?”Erbao asked。 Jiang Fan is also infinitely emotional,Said:“You weren’t born at that time。” Measure theory:“Why not my mother?” Peng Changyi turned around,Looked at my son and said:“Your mother didn’t ask for leave,She can’t come。” Shu Qing couldn’t help but smile,Said:“Mom didn’t know Dad at Continue Reading

and so,When Qin Liang really pressed Chen Hao,Chen Hao’s last thing,I told Qin Liang in my own heart:Ok……I’ll let you eat me……

Everything happened so logically。 When Qin Liang broke through his last line of defense,Chen Hao closed his beautiful eyes。 This is a beautiful night,The lights of the city are bright,Many beautiful stories are happening,Many unfortunate stories are also happening,Qin Liang and Chen Hao,Obviously a couple in a beautiful story tonight。 Continue Reading

“Stay a few days?I should go back this afternoon,Tomorrow is sunday,I’m going home with my wife and children。”Shi Guangsheng learns from Mr. Mo’s accent。

“That won’t work,Since you are here,I’m not welcome,You can’t just leave。” Shi Guangsheng said:“What happened,Am I going to take away a cloud of Kangzhou?” “As the president of the poetry club,Still so trendy,Xu Zhimo’s poems dare to distort,Don’t bring the clouds,Take away the excitement of Kangzhou。”Jiang Fan said。 “Haha。”Shi Guangsheng Continue Reading

Chu Xiaoqiang saw that this young man’s hair was soaked in sweat,And scared,He seemed to see his own time in his honest and simple eyes,Just comfort him:“Nothing,take it easy,If this skin really needs to be stripped,I’ll grill with you。”

Although Zhang Sheng knows that the Secretary is comforting himself,But he still looks terrified,Because he doesn’t know the origin of this woman,I dare not look at the director,Just bow your head,Wiping sweat constantly。 Chu Xiaoqiang looked at him and said:“Where did you graduate?” “Is a police officer in our province Continue Reading

Long history of its cultural origin,Its profound foundation,Are not comparable to other cities,Although Lin’an is the imperial capital,But thirty years ago,Chang’an City is the capital of the current imperial court,Just after some accidents,The emperor moved his capital to Lin’an。

But these awesome things are not just what he says? After all, the background of the entire game was created by the game company,Many of these local cities have nothing to do with the real world,So these news are just listening,No important information。 But Du Jueming’s goal is not Chang’an Continue Reading