Fang Hao still thinks,Wait for Luo Xiaohu to hit the wall more,I understand that celebrities are not so good,Let’s recruit him to be his driver and bodyguard。

Now it must be impossible,People look down on this job。 After going home,Shan Rou didn’t follow,Send them to the underground garage,Then I drove back by myself。 Tang Xiaodie went home for dinner at noon,Just ask her:“When did that woman leave yesterday?Did she make trouble with you?” Shan Rou knew that Continue Reading

“Did you just think I would shoot you here to snatch Yao。”The jar merchant said suddenly。

“Oh,how can that be possible,I believe Edogawa Jar is not such a person”Suddenly turned into A Fei’s character and said playfully,“Right?” The jar merchant is indeed frowning and thinking about the possibility of grabbing Yao to go back now,But the saying goes well,Starved to death,Brave。 The goal of the jar Continue Reading

When the last scene happens,Actor died,The heroine’s suicide appears。Everyone was deeply shocked。

stimulate! Too exciting!Immersive stimulation,As if the heroine is watching them。 “Horror Movie of the Year!” “Epoch-making performance!” “The sense of substitution is too strong!” This is the unanimous view of top film critics,This movie will definitely catch on! Then Kobe and his team attended the press conference after watching the Continue Reading

So he turned to Lin Yun and said:“Xiaoyun,If you are not busy here,You go home and go shopping with mom,You are here alone,I’m worried。”

Lin Yun made a big deal,This Qin Shishen is mysterious,Always busy with things I don’t know。 “What are you going。” Li Qingqiu leaned respectfully:“Miss Lin,Brother Qin and I are going to retell the past。” Xiao Wang also stood up and said:“You go, Manager Lin,Just have me here,No problem。” Qin Shi Continue Reading


Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six The solemn atmosphere permeated all around,The battle is on the verge of。 “Everyone is a civilized ninja,Have something to say,do not fight,Fighting is a bad thing。”The jar merchant said,Squat down and pat the floor with both hands,“Nuclear escape·The technique of nuclear radiation!” Most of Continue Reading

I was apologizing to the corpse,I’m also thanking the dead body,This is a habit developed after Yiyue became a Ghoul,Only like this,So that Siyue can deceive herself and think that she has something similar to humans。

“Let’s go。” After the special ceremony of Siyue is over,Watergate said。 。 ABC ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Three I don’t want to open my eyes slowly,Looking around the strange environment vigilantly,While thinking about what happened before I was unconscious。 “.did not expect,That ghoul actually grew to this point,Even equippedCCGThe Continue Reading

really interesting!

orange,Could it be that you are demonstrating to me? Xu Tianran thought of this,Jerked up the mechanical feet,Slammed on the soldier’s head…… “Snapped”The sound of,I saw countless red and white liquid stained his legs…… Then coldly shouted“Comer!” Words fall,Countless soldiers rushed in from outside…… These soldiers who came in saw Continue Reading

One is because he doesn’t want any accident with Rose,The second is that the military intelligence department has to ask Rose’s mouth about the identity of the real perverted killer!

At this time, the sound of a helicopter came from a distance,Obviously the helicopter dispatched by Mo Ziqin came over,And in front of the road, we have already seen some bright buildings,It can be seen that they are already near the suburbs。 “Director Mo,Pull over and stop the car!”Mo Xiaosheng Continue Reading

See Luo Fei,What seems to be thinking。

Lin Yu,See this,Caused it by myself,Look at this person,Asked。 “What do you want?” “What you say,It’s a nice question,You knocked my brother,Bruised,You don’t ask,How much to compensate,So embarrassed to ask,What do you want?” While this person is talking,Angry。 People around,Both were attracted by the voices of the two to watch Continue Reading

Fang Hao depressed:“But i can’t sing,Pentatonic……Ok,be honest,I don’t even know which five tones are,You heard me sing too……”

“So Brother Hao, you only need to have about 50,000 fans,You can call the wind and rain in the music world。”Liu Qingdao。 “So?”Fang Hao asked。 Liu Qing shook his head and said:“There are not so many consumers,The 20 million copies sold in 24 hours,The number of purchasers is actually only Continue Reading