Making friends with sincerity and truth

Making friends with sincerity and truth

First, make friends with Germany, and share the common problems: how to make friends?

First you have to ask yourself what kind of friends you want to make.

If you want to make a sincere friend, you must show your sincerity, associate with morality, righteousness, and compassion; friends who have thus obtained will be able to share their hardships at the most critical moment.

The so-called “suffer to see the truth”, in the most difficult times, can still maintain some of the original intention of some support, is a true friend.

  Second, make friends with sincerity and look at each other’s liver and gallbladder: Get along with your friends and pay attention to each other’s conscience, frankness, and liver and gallbladder.

The two sides use real words and true feelings to exchange their interests, and have a brotherhood-like sense of affection. They can know each other, care for each other, and help each other.

For example, the hermit Tian Guang during the Warring States Period, to help Prince Yan assassinate King Qin, and recommended Jing Jing, more secretive and constricted, Tian Guang’s loyalty can be described as liver and gallbladder.

  Third, make friends with knowledge and knowledge: People with extensive knowledge or professional knowledge will be respected and trusted by friends.

Similarly, to make friends with connotation, you must also enrich your own connotation; those who know how to learn new knowledge at any time, intelligence is easy to open, and will also attract many insightful people to come around.

Liu Yuxi’s contact is “there is great Confucianism when talking and laughing, and there is no white dwelling. You can tune Suqin and read the Golden Classics.”

“Fourth, make friends with the Tao, harmonious music:” Dao Feng De Xiang spreads thousands of miles. “Moral people, cultivated people, no one is happy, always far away, everyone will come to get close.

Those who associate with him will also be promoted according to his own encouragement. This is the so-called “friendship with good friends and entering the room of Zhilan, and if they don’t smell it for a long time, they will be transformed into a slander”.

  Zhong Yong said, “Treat others with sincerity, touch people with virtue, and treat others with good deeds.

“Friends make friends with sincerity and sincerity, treat each other with courtesy and respect, get along with each other with calmness, and encourage each other with learning and Taoism. They are all principles of making friends, so there are four ways to make friends: First, make friends with Germany.Suffering is common; second, make friends with sincerity, and make friends with each other; third, make friends with knowledge, and have a wide range of knowledge; fourth, make friends with Tao, and have fun.